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Readers Respond: Tips for Walking in the Rain

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Updated March 13, 2009

From the article: How to Walk in the Rain
How do you stay dry and comfortable when walking in the rain? What gear do you wear? How do you change your attitude to enjoy a rainy day walk?

Just Love the Rain

Yesterday went for a walk in shirt and Shorts at halfway point Rain started hammering down so took off my shirt and balled it in my hand. Just loved the feel of the rain it was just awesome! Thoroughly recommend! Before I got home rain had stopped and I and my shirt were dry. Why do we need wet weather gear?
—Guest Den Boy

Frog Togs

Rain suit made from Tyvek like material that is light weight and breathes. I've worn these on long motorcycle rides and stayed dry so they work well for WALKING in the rain.

rain! Love it!

When I walk in the rain I like to be with my friends, especially my best friend. As for umbrellas? No way! Rain jackets yes, but wearing the hood is optional because there's nothing better than raindrops on your face and head!
—Guest bestbear

rain walking

I find that walking in the rain is just a different experience entirely, and the best way to enjoy it is to be prepared and really pay attention to how things are different in different weather conditions. I love walking with wind and gusting rain. The treeslook like they're dancing!
—Guest thevail

A hat

A hat with a bill will help keep the rain out of your eyes while you run. Visors are great in temps over 40 degrees.

Other Rain Gear Option

I'm working with a private North American manufacturer of rain wear to help him get the word out about his products, and I've handled his product and I do think it's worth a test drive by anyone considering purchasing heavy-duty rain wear. It's quite popular with fisherman and offshore workers. His website is http://www.raingearpro.com/ and like I said, is worth a look
—Guest andre

The Jacket - Northwest USA (Guest WB)

My tip for walking in the rain is to dry off afterwards!!!!!
—Guest Gray

The Jacket

In the Northwest USA, we wear waterproof jackets for walking in the rain. It's traditional not to use an umbrella, but to use the jacket's hood to keep the rain off. People without waterproof jackets use umbrellas, but I find umbrellas tend to invert in the wind and are more trouble than the rain they keep off you. I have waterproof trail running shoes I wear if it's going to be really wet. I usually don't bother with rain pants unless I'll be standing out in the rain for a long time. My walking pants wick away moisture and dry fast.
—Guest WB

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