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10 Reasons to Start Walking Today

Two women powerwalking in summer - square

Have you been thinking about fitness walking but are still on the couch? Here are 10 great reasons to get started -- today!

Walking Spotlight10

4 Walking Apps That Earn Rewards

Put your steps to work with these apps to earn money or rewards. You can motivate yourself to walk more for yourself or for charity.

European Peace Walk - Long Distance Route Debuts

The European Peace Walk is a 550-kilometer walking route through Eastern Europe being inaugurated in 2014. It passes through six countries.

10 Weird Things Walkers Need to Know About Runners

Ten things walkers need to know about runners. You'll see this odd breed of humans at races as well as when you are out for your walking workouts.

Urbanears Kranken Earbuds - Review

Urbanears Kranken earbuds work great for walking and running workouts.

Gummy Bears vs. Energy Chews and Sport Beans

Are energy chews worth the extra price compared to plain old gummy bears? Sports gummies have important extra ingredients you need when you sweat.

7 Pedometer Apps to Get You Moving

Pedometer apps use your mobile's built-in accelerometer to track your daily steps, workouts, and activity data. Here are the top-rated ones for iOS and Android.

Using a Pedometer App Boosts Walking

Can a pedometer app motivate you to get more physical activity each day? Researchers put it to the test.

Should You Use a Treadmill Desk?

Using a treadmill desk allows you to slowly walk as you work. Can this prevent the health risks of sitting too much? Should you buy one or make one?

Summer Treadmill Tips and Deals

Summer is a great time to find used treadmill bargains. We also have tips on keeping your treadmill workout interesting in summer.

Wobble Stool for Active Sitting - Review

The Wobble Stool is built for active sitting. You can tilt, rock, or swivel and keep your muscles actively engaged to battle sitting disease.

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