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Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge - Walk to Defeat ALS

The Walk to Defeat ALS takes place throughout the US in hundreds of cities to benefit the ALS Association and fight Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Weird and Wacky Pedometers

Pedometer technology is showing up in some strange places. Here are some of the more weird and wacky ways you can track what you do.

Walk 35 Minutes per Day to Reduce Post-Menopause Breast Cancer Risk

Walking four hours per week post-menopause reduces women's breast cancer risk, but only if they maintain that level of exercise, according to a large study.

Mom, Aunt and Teens Walk 51 Capitals in 51 Days

Sisters Alisa and Dina Johnson set off to walk in each of the 51 capitals in the USA in only 51 days, along with Alisa's two teenage sons.

Is Bamboo a Better Fabric for Walking?

Bamboo fabric can work great as a performance fabric for workouts, with moisture-wicking and temperature management qualities.

Delaware and Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon Goes Walker-Friendly

The Delaware and Lehigh Heritage Half Marathon goes walker-friendly in 2014 with the help of walking coach Michele Stanten.

Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap - Review

The Arctic Ease Cold Wrap requires no refrigeration. It goes on as a compression wrap and cools for hours. It's convenient cold therapy.

7 Walking Apps That Earn Rewards

Put your steps to work with these apps to earn money or rewards. You can motivate yourself to walk more for yourself or for charity.

European Peace Walk - Long Distance Route Debuts

The European Peace Walk is a 550-kilometer walking route through Eastern Europe being inaugurated in 2014. It passes through six countries.

10 Weird Things Walkers Need to Know About Runners

Ten things walkers need to know about runners. You'll see this odd breed of humans at races as well as when you are out for your walking workouts.

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