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Readers Respond: Things You Hate About Your Treadmill

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Updated November 24, 2008

What do you hate about your treadmill? Are their features it lacks, problems when you use it, or basic traits of treadmill use that annoy you? Tell us about your treadmill pet peeves.

dont be a hater

I have a Nordic Track Incline, I have i-fit, with julian M. You can walk/run anywhere in the world. It has full screen, ipod speakers, it goes up to 40 percent. I put it next to my bed, hence-no excuse. love, love love it!! It's not loud, I live in a condo, and have had no complaints. I never like treadmills at the gym, but i do love this one.
—Guest shardoyle

Hard to drive

My manual treadmill has turned very hard to drive. What should i do with it to make it smooth and soft to drive?
—Guest Zahid

cure for talkative persons

IPOD. MP3 Player. Yep, even if it's not on, they take the hint.
—Guest sherry89

Rather use Walk It Out

We had a treadmill for a few years. I found I was not able to get much more than three miles per hour with it. I ended up just walking laps around it. Now that I have walk It Out for Wii, I will be using that. We got rid of the treadmill when we moved back in October. Not a big fan of treadmills when you feel like you are going nowhere fast. At least with the Walk It Out program you can try to cover an island and create it yourself as you walk. Sure beats treadmill boredom for me!
—Guest Gerry

Jiggley Butt

My butt jiggles while I'm on a treadmill. Land= nothing. Treadmill= jiggle. Not only that, the gym i go to is mainly dudes and the treadmills are in the front facing the front. 18 yr girl running on a treadmill while her butts jiggling isn't fun when a bunch of dudes are checking you out. It makes ya feel uuber weird.
—Guest princess K

Love n hate

I love my treadmill but hate to use it, I'm torn really, when in the mood I get on it daily but I quickly tire of it. It's boring and I know I can just turn it off and be done. If or when I walk outside I can't just not go home, I have to complete the walk. I live in the Mnts. of Colorado and winter outdoor walking isn't always an option. I'm in a constant mental battle with myself about the treadmill.
—Guest Luci

Effort doesn't match the result

I find that when I have used our treadmill what feels like a hard workout ends up being 3 miles per hour at best. Not being used to using it, I find I get more excitement walking around our treadmill than actually using it. I can't think of anything more boring than walking on a treadmill going nowhere when walking around it in our basement using a pedometer gives me a more accurate reading of my walking workout. I find it always seems that no matter how fast I go on the treadmill I quickly end up walking around it for a more complete walking workout.
—Guest Gerry

Hurting Knees

I don't hate my treadmill. It has all the great features even though it's approx 15 years old.. It has uphill climb(4 levels), heart rate monitor, can be operated manually and other great features. PROBLEM - whenever I use it I have problems with my knees. Not sure whether that a shoe problem or treadmill problem. I still walk 5-6 per week from 30-60 minutes a day which equals to about 25 miles per week. My big problem is making any real strides in controlling my appetite. My triglycerides are good, HDL is good but my LDL is terrible which causes my total cholesterol number to be high 220. I am at this point just not comfortable with taking any kind of cholesterol meds. Overall general health is good. I am 61
—Guest barbara matthews

Dusty, creaky treadmill

My treadmill is 14 years old. It's creaky and it's dusty because I forget to dust it. I find myself leaning on the rails rather than swinging my arms. I know a treadmill walk is better than not walking at all but a good outdoor walk is preferred.
—Guest Jodi

I cant get used to the treadmill

I absolutely hate the feeling of "gliding" when I am finished with my workout and get off the treadmill. I feel like I can't walk straight and I even get dizzy. I've tried many different things including the cool down and waiting upt o a minute before getting off but it never fails.
—Guest elliptical lover

Double Yuk, LOL

I used to love exercising outdoors and did it religiously. When I got my treadmill I was all excited to try it. Unfortunately, I hated it! It was SO BORING, SO NOISY, SO YUCK!! I traded it on Craig's list for a clothes dryer and went back to being a happy outdoor exerciser :)
—Guest gypsygina


I tried the treadmill bit also. I burned up two and with the noise and shaking and smoke, I decided that that was enough so I haven't purchased another. I just go to gym and use theirs. But I do carry paper towels to clean the last person using it. I find that if you can look at TV or listen to music they are less boring. But I will not buy any more.
—Guest marilyn williams

Not for me

Lovely machine and not that cheap. I walked on it about a month and ended up at the physical therapist. He and I painfully unkinked my sciatic nerve for many weeks due to my using the treadmill. Now my hubby gets to use it and loves it. I spent more money and bought a recumbent exercise bike and so far am able to use it without impacting on my body's problem areas.

Treadmill Ruined My Social Life

I used to enjoy going to the gym and checking out hot single guys until the day my biggest fear was realized, I ate it big time while on the treadmill in front of literally hundreds of people. What truly pisses me off, is that the treadmills were smack in the middle of the gym, surrounded by elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and other workout equipment which were all facing the treadmills. So anyone having a bad day on the treadmill is seen by 90% of people in the gym. That chorus of "oohs" still haunts me to date. It didn't help the situation that I up and bolted out of the gym in painful embarassment grabbing my car keys on the way out but forgetting my membership card which as my picture on it! So I couldn't even go back to the gym because now they had the picture of the idiot who ate it on the treadmill. So bottom line, I'm now in the market for a home treadmill given my little spill at the gym which I can never show my face in again :(
—Guest treadmill challenged

Big mistake

I bought a spirit xt375 and it is no more than an exspencesive coat rack. Bought it from champion fitness and there is no service or support. they said it would take 5 days to fix and it was down for 6 weeks. And still needs work. they make an appointment and noone calls or shows up. Stay away from champion fitness and spirit treadmills
—Guest Mark

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