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Readers Respond: Things You Hate About Your Treadmill

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Updated November 24, 2008


It's great and addictive while I continue and keep up the schedule of walking. But when I fall off the wagon, it is difficult to get back. Also it is always a conundrum for me to find out which is the best time to walk (morning/afternoon or night)? My daily walk now is 5kms.and it takes me little over 60mins.

Talkative persons

When in the gym those on neighboring treadmills or walking by who love to talk. Sometimes, it is okay. But then there are the others. The ones who think I have to listen to all their problems and even ask me for advice. I feel trapped and become angry because of their chatter.
—Guest Cheryl

Treadmill vs. outdoor running

I like my treadmill based on the fact that I can use it anytime as a busy mother/college student. But what I don't like is that I run on programs with incline and intensity differences. But when I run outdoors with the same type of distance and hills, I get serious shin splints, wheareas on the treadmill I don't. I feel that when you run in a natural environment you work more muscles and get a better workout. Just in my personal opinion. But treadmills are great for a workout when outdoor running is not possible.
—Guest Buckeye Fan


I hate that it can't answer all the questions that are going through my mind!
—Guest armymom

Maybe I don't understand the question...

I hate that my treadmill only hangs the clothes and doesn't fold and put them away.

I love my treadmill

It's a fold up and even though it's not the most attractive item in my livingroom I use it nearly daily. I watch TV or listen to music. It does make noise but I try to time it for when I'm home alone so it won't disturb the rest of the family.

Not Keep on Holding on a Treadmill

What bothers me is to keep on holding on to a treadmill cause it will not give you the same calorie burn as walking hands-free.
—Guest Doll

I love my Teadmill!!

It's a golds gym crosstrainer 600. I bought it for $300 from a friend who paid over $700. I feel it was a steal! My husband remodeled our basement into a play /exersize room. My 3 year old plays while I walk/ It was pretty ratty looking down there before. He mounted a stereo right in front of my face so I can change the music while I walk. I try to get down there for an hour before anyone wakes up and then anything I can squeeze in later is extra. I really have no complaints...

Expensive Hate

I hate when I am walking on my treadmill and the belt slips and I almost fall and break my rear end. Then you have to stop and adjust it and check it out to see if it is right. Then you are afraid to get back on it because you feel like it might slip and you will fall or almost fall again. You become afraid of your treadmill.
—Guest MSKITY007


Nothing. I love my treadmill...indoors,,warm,,no dogs chasing you..what more could ya ask for..
—Guest katya

My Satellite Stops Working!

My husband and I just bought a treadmill tonight from our local PX and when I start it our satellite and internet stop working. It's crazy!
—Guest Andrea


I hate the isolation,and repetitiveness of treadmill work outs.I am very accustomed to the "wild open,spaces." I love walking OUTSIDE but NOT a repetitious around the block routine. I walk for miles on the same course but it's much different from walking around the block which is more boring than walking on the treadmill at home.
—Guest Buddy

Wobbly Legs

I mostly love my treadmill except that I get the wobbles when I get off after my walk I guess I just dont' have sea legs as that is what it feels like.
—Guest Jullie

My treadmill is too skinny

My parents gave me a treadmill a few years ago. While I love the idea, the width of the actual tread is too thin. I keep stepping on the edges! I'm not a slim woman, but I'm not huge either. Who would build a treadmill that is so skinny my feet barely fit side by side!

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