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Readers Respond: What Fitness or Diet Apps Do You Use on Your Cell Phone?

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Updated May 13, 2013

What applications do you use on your cell phone to help keep you on track with fitness and diet? Do you use an application that lets you record your walking and other fitness activities? Do you use a diet diary or get nutrition information via your cell phone? Tell us about the apps you use and how you like them. Share What You Use

Walking apps

I love runtastic. Works on both Android and Apple products and has many other great addon options
—Guest PW


i use iburncalorie everyday. i am suprised that this app is not listed. it is quite good and free and also accurate
—Guest sheik

HealthyWalk app on iPhone 5s

I love it. It's simple and elegant. The feature I like most is the auto reminder feature -- so I am notified and check my stats every day.
—Guest tomkwong

Fitness 'N Friends

Great list. I use this app called Fitness 'N Friends in combination with all my other apps and workout methods/routines. It helps simplify my basic need to keep myself honest and stay motivated (with my friends help). http://bit.ly/1488RPV
—Guest Jeff

Cardio Trainer

Cardio Trainer on my Droid is my British walking partner. With the exception of MPH I find it to be very consistent and accurate in measuring distance and time. Combining it with my Pandora Disco music I find myself in another world when walking. I am lost when the GPS satellites let me down.

Walking\running app

I've been using Micoach with my blackberry for the past year (I believe it can be used with other devices as well. I like that my zones are set based on my fitness assesment and adjusted after each one or can be done manually if too easy or hard. You do have to sign up for a web account to sync your workouts.
—Guest De


I use icounttimer which is an (interval timer + counter). It is simple, elegant and handy which can practically be used during workouts. I use it for timing my sets and for interval training. Google Play URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icounttimer.android
—Guest mithil

Exploround (Android) map exploration

To track my walks/runs I used Endomondo, but I got Garmin Forerunner and that's way more practical then phone app especially for running. Recently I started using Exploround https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.pdou.explorearound which shows tiles on map for already visited places and gives points for new places and places random flags on unexplored places for even more points which gives you hint where to go on next walk or run. It also has various exploration related stats such as furthest explored tiles, density of area coverage, orientation without map etc.
—Guest Petr

Better app for walking

I use "My Walks" because it provides advantages over most of the other GPS walking/hiking/jogging/running apps: (1) Easier to use with an auto-pause feature, (2) More accurate with adjustments for uphill climbs, (3) An auto shut-off battery saver, (4) Can get you “Back on Time” or “Back by Dark”, and (5) Easy to email your route map and fitness history. Here is a link to the app in the Apple app store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-walks/id411367294?mt=8
—Guest Diana Jines

iFootpath provides directions and a map

iFootpath provides detailed walk descriptions and directions, history, maps, and loads more. It's a great app to find walks in England and Wales. The walks are building every month and you can add yours with the app too. Voted by The Times as an app to save going to the gym! From the website (iFootpath.com) "From town trails to riverside strolls and countryside rambles, we aim to build a library of walks for everyone to enjoy - be it alone, with your dog or with family and friends. "

Mobile Adventure Walks

I use the iPhone app Mobile Adventure Walks. I live in San Francisco and I use the app to explore different parts of the city, as well as I lead walking groups with the app on the weekends. It basically turns walking into a game, allowing people to explore while finding things that they might miss normally. The app really makes you stop to pay attention to what's around you. I like it because it tracks my mileage and the walks that I take. Here's a link to the site: www.MobileAdventureWalks.com
—Guest Aaron

Have you tried iFootpath?

The App provides detailed walking routes with photographs, history and more for the UK. You can also print the walks from the website.
—Guest Ifootpath


I use an app called nearbythis to help me find real time information about things to do in my neighborhood.
—Guest LeePlenty


www.endomondo.com. Love it. It tracks your distance, speed, calories burnt and keeps track of your workouts. Also comes with a coach to help and encourage you.
—Guest sharon


Check out Runkeeper. It has such flexibility with its settings and built in coaching for any pace. I like to walk 4 minutes, then jog 30 seconds throughout my walks, and all I do is click on my saved settings and head out the door. I love Runkeeper!
—Guest Connie

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What Fitness or Diet Apps Do You Use on Your Cell Phone?

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