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Readers Respond: What Fitness or Diet Apps Do You Use on Your Cell Phone?

Responses: 23


Updated July 23, 2014

What applications do you use on your cell phone to help keep you on track with fitness and diet? Do you use an application that lets you record your walking and other fitness activities? Do you use a diet diary or get nutrition information via your cell phone? Tell us about the apps you use and how you like them.

Walking app

I use Nike+ on my iPOD every day. It links to the Nike site where the data is stored and displayed in graphic form. Been using it for over 2 years now.
—Guest Kuba


I have used MapMyWalk since 2007, and it works well for all of my activity, from walk to run to gym workouts to cycling! They also have challenges within the app that you can also participate in. LOVE IT!!!
—Guest CathyJ


I use Earndit because it works with my Omron pedometer and doesn't require my phone to track my workout. Some of the discount rewards are good, but I usually check the "Charity" tab and use most of my points there.
—Guest Karyl

Walking apps

I love runtastic. Works on both Android and Apple products and has many other great addon options
—Guest PW

Mobile Adventure Walks

I use the iPhone app Mobile Adventure Walks. I live in San Francisco and I use the app to explore different parts of the city, as well as I lead walking groups with the app on the weekends. It basically turns walking into a game, allowing people to explore while finding things that they might miss normally. The app really makes you stop to pay attention to what's around you. I like it because it tracks my mileage and the walks that I take. Here's a link to the site: www.MobileAdventureWalks.com
—Guest Aaron

Have you tried iFootpath?

The App provides detailed walking routes with photographs, history and more for the UK. You can also print the walks from the website.
—Guest Ifootpath


I use an app called nearbythis to help me find real time information about things to do in my neighborhood.
—Guest LeePlenty


www.endomondo.com. Love it. It tracks your distance, speed, calories burnt and keeps track of your workouts. Also comes with a coach to help and encourage you.
—Guest sharon


Check out Runkeeper. It has such flexibility with its settings and built in coaching for any pace. I like to walk 4 minutes, then jog 30 seconds throughout my walks, and all I do is click on my saved settings and head out the door. I love Runkeeper!
—Guest Connie


I love MapMyWalk..uses GPS on my Droid to map my route and even take photos along the way. Private or public posting, tracking, etc. Wonderful w
—Guest Katy Nims

walking apps

I use Endomondo on my DROID and really like it....not sure if others available for DROID....
—Guest Mr. T

Love iMap

I use iMapMyWalk to track my route, my pace, distance. It also has an itunes feature. I use the free version and love it. I used to use it on my Blackberry and liked it well enough, but love the way it functions with the iPhone4.


GPSKit or MotionXGPS are the best apps to use for walking. Easily upload gpx files to follow predetermined paths or use them to track where you've been and download when you get back. I use mapmywalk.com to map a walk, then upload the gpx file to MotionX.
—Guest Siechotic


As far as apps, my favorite still remains the WalkMeter. I’ve been using it for a month now and consider it a useful and reliable motivator. One of my walking buddies uses the NikeGPS app and it turns off within 1/4 mile of our start. Now she’s relying on my stats, too!
—Guest Krista Van Veen

Pedometer GPS+

Pedometer GPS+ or Pedometer Pro -- there is a free version and an upgrade for 2.99 --- I'd recommend this one. It is great. It tracks your walk, has a fantastic GPS, counts steps, how fast you walk, lets you enter weight, body measurements, etc, and you can also track this info. If you start iTunes it pulls your music into it as well. The only gripes I have is that GPS does suck the life out of your battery dropping my battery life by 20% at one hour. I'd also say that at 5ft 100lbs the program thinks I'm underweight simply because I've entered my weight, it doesn't take in account my height as it is not entered anywhere in the program -- that is something I am gong to suggest they take into account. I walk for fitness not weight loss as I've now met my weight loss goal. Best luck.
—Guest aarobins

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