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Readers Respond: How Do You Stop an Attacking Dog?

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Updated July 15, 2012

From the article: Avoid a Dog Attack
An aggressive, barking, snarling dog is scary enough behind a secure fence. But what do you do when a loose dog threatens you? What has worked -- or not worked -- when you are faced with an attacking dog when you are out on a walk? Share Your Tactic

Point and stair

I was at the park and was walking home and a little but fierce dog came up and barked very loudly and I walked up and pointed and staired after a while he stopped and licked me
—Guest Lily

taser/stun gun

You don't have to taser them. Just hit the button and discharge the sound of electricity in the air. Stops them cold! then use firm voice command like No, sit or whatever, and walk past them. This will not harm them and puts you in charge. Scares the dickens out of coyotes too if you have that problem.


I heard a story about a POW who got past the dogs by using a mirror? does this work?
—Guest Bob

A Game Horn stopped Dog attack

I have been frightened by a huge dog In my neighborhood This German Shepherd is very protective of his area and chases anyone he sees approaching. I decided to try an experiment with a Game Horn I bought from a Party Shop this is a can with a trigger you push and it sounds very loud! The next day I gave it a test, I crossed the street and he charged at me. I let it rip about 20 feet distance from the dog! he stopped charging and ran back the other way! I was able to escape his attack. :-)
—Guest Dee Hall


My mother was (somehow) surrounded by a pack of snarling wild dogs when she was younger. apprently she took a menacing stance and shouted 'get out of it' and they alll backed of. We've always said 'get out of it!' to stop our, and other, dogs from barking. Something about the sharpness or something, works every time.
—Guest Rhondda


Illusion leash but if he see someone where I live or dog he push hard the illusion leash help but I need something else.
—Guest helena

treats and pipes

My uncle follows a route in rural Napa Valley with many dogs along the way. He takes dog biscuits to make friends and a heavy metal pipe just in case treats are not enough to make friends. He has never used the pipe in several years of daily walks. I have had good results with posture changes. When I was rushed by two large aggressively barking dogs, I lifted my hands high and shouted "I'm BIG" and they both stopped in their tracks and retreated to their owner.
—Guest k8eekatt

Don't run!!

That should be a given. I had a frightening encounter with a loose Rottweiler while walking home one night. I was walking down the street when i heard and saw the rott barking at me. It didn't immediately lunge which told me It was sizing me up. So i puffed up, and tried to project myself as a danger to the dog. I feinted as if i was going to lunge and the dog would back up. I even picked up a few rocks and chucked them. All the while walking away confidently and turning my back to the dog. I don't recommend being as aggressive, but hey, it saved my ass from a few puncture wounds. Bottom line, remain calm and confident in what your doing, i think that's why it worked for me. Never flee, it will only get you bit.
—Guest Mike

From a dog walker

There are also a lot of dogs who don't want to be petted by strangers, like mine. She isn't mean, won't normally bite, yet has had to be trained not to defend herself from strangers who will run up to pet her. I have to defend her, an while I try to be nice I have had to yell at kids in particular. Like other exercise walkers, I'm not there to visit.
—Guest Ann

Peace or death

One day I was out for a hike in a desolate area. I was far enough away from my car to be unable to retreat I saw a huge pitbull running towards me at full speed from a bit of a distance. I put my back against a tree, stood tall and broad, held out my left hand in peace, and my right hand held a .357 magnum revolver. If he licked my hand we would be friends, if he attacked me he would die. When he got to me I talked to him like he was an old buddy, he sniffed my hand, licked it, and nudged me for pets. I pet him walked him back to my car, gave him water and beef jerky and pet him some more. He was licking me like crazy. I holstered the gun and left a message at the phone number on his collar tag. Then he hiked with me and kept me company. He slept outside of my tent most of the night, but was gone in the morn. I've had lots of luck talking to charging dogs like they were my best friends, but always have a plan B to stop a threat. Morale of the story, speak softly and carry a big stick.
—Guest Warren Peis

Some dogs are bullies and opportunists

Also never stop and stare directly at a dog, or stop in its presence. It can feel a lot more frightened and intimidated than you are. Try your best to keep walking or walk in another direction if possible. Also don’t stare at it while walking (use peripheral vision/side vision) The dog knows if your just keeping your head straight and looking out of the side of your eyes. For example, the feeling you get when a stranger just stops and stares you down. Now think how a dog much shorter than you feels. God Bless :)
—Guest Nigel (16 Years Old)

Some dogs are bullies and opportunists

When a good dog sees you it will be like it’s saying to itself “oh cool, a human, now back to my own busyness” But a bad dog is actually weak, it’s a bully looking for an opportunity to see your weakness, so when you clap loud, stand strong and tall and give a firm, loud “NO, GO HOME” while pointing it away from you it will leave you alone. Or act crazy and jump and shout like your mad! As Daniel said :D But really their God’s creation. And it’s He alone who can truly protect you, a strong relationship with Him leads to a safe, strong and fulfilled life. Like what Judy so beautifully said about calling upon the name of Jesus. If God could keep Daniel alive from a den of lions all night long and into the next morning, He can surly keep you safe from a dog, thug etc. in your few seconds of passing that way. Or any other thing to face in life. God Bless, stay safe :)
—Guest Nigel (16 Years Old)

Dog dazzler II

I walk in the country near a lot of trailer homes. In one area I can come across aggressive dogs for a half mile. While on business I saw the ad for the dog dazzler it was pricey but worth the try . 29.99 This thing works 80% of the time I had a doeberman come running out after me I pushed the button and the dog stopped right in it's track . I wait until the dog comes right up to me and then use it. It suppose to be some high frequency pitch that only dogs can hear. You need to also make sure you change the batteries . Check it out
—Guest Theresa

Dog Whistle

I always keep a dog whistle on my phone so when a dog comes, I blow it.
—Guest mologaly

Clap stongly

Dogs are afraid of noises, clap strongly In your position, dont move!
—Guest Omar

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How Do You Stop an Attacking Dog?

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