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Mickey Walks Off 63 Pounds

Share Your Story: How I Walked Off Weight


Updated January 09, 2013

Total Weight Lost

63 LBS.

How Long Did it Take?

18 Months

Why I Wanted to Lose Weight

I had little energy and I wanted to lose weight.

My Exercise and Diet Journey

Like most people I started walking to lose weight. My journey started Jan. 9, 2011. I work on an oil rig and noticed two of my fellow workers walking down the road. Looked like a good idea so I started walking that road also. Slowly built up from 1/2 mile to 4-5 mile walks in morn. And 3-4 mile walks in evening. I no longer think of walking as exercise but enjoying the outdoors. This is an addiction I can live with the rest of my life. At 62 I thought this wouldn't happen but it did. I now weigh the same as the day I got married. Keep going down those trails. It's fun and also a great way to staying healthy.

Tips and Tricks

  • I keep a journal of miles walked and time. Also purchased a good pedometer. This makes out to be a great motivator. I look at this journey to be a lifetime experience so if I indulge every once in a while I know I will keep on walking to control my weight.

Wendy Bumgardner, About.com Walking, says:

Fantastic, Mickey!

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