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Walking Workout Routines

Walking workout routines will help you vary your walking to build endurance, speed, and aerobic capacity, and to burn fat.
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Maximize Your 15-Minute Walk
Turn your walking breaks into effective short workouts.

Ideal Weekly Walking Workout Schedule
Dave McGovern developed this schedule of walking workouts that challenges your body in a different way each day.

How Fast is Brisk Walking?
You see brisk walking as the standard for moderately intense exercise to prevent disease. Here are rules of thumb to determine whether you are getting enough exertion from your walk.

Maximize Your Lunchtime Walk
Is lunch time the best time for you to get in a fitness walk? Here are tips to make the most of it.

Should I Vary My Walking Workout?
Is it better to switch up the speed, distance and intensity of your walking workouts?

10K Walk Training Schedule for Beginners
Tackle your first 10K (6.2 mile) walk with this training schedule for beginner walkers. More advanced walkers can use it to build speed and endurance.

Heart Health Walk - Recovery Walk
This easy walk builds long-term health and well-being and may be used daily or alternated with more strenuous walking workouts.

Fat Burning Walk
How to walk in the optimum fat-burning zone. Those wanting to lose body fat should do this walk most days of the week. May be done daily, or used as a recovery day for those alternating with other walking workouts.

Distance Walk
Builds endurance and burns off calories (approximately 100 per mile for 150-pound person.) Those training for longer distance events should build up their mileage steadily. Those training for a 5K or 10K competitive walk should exceed the event distance by a mile or two in their distance workout.

Aerobic Walk
Improve your aerobic fitness with this walking workout, increasing the number and size of blood vessels in the muscles and increasing your lung power.

Anaerobic Threshold Walk
Use this walking workout to increase your athletic performance by bringing your body up to the anaerobic threshold. It is used by racewalkers to improve their VO2 maximum(the highest amount of oxygen one can consume during exercise). Improves endurance at speed.

Economy Speed Walk
This walking workout builds your walking speed.

High Intensity Intervals Treadmill Workout
Stuck with the same treadmill workouts and not seeing results? Use high intensity interval training on the treadmill.

The Treadmill - Dumbbell Workout
Working out on the treadmill with dumbbells can enhance your treadmill workout.

Jumping Intervals on the Treadmill
Jumping intervals on the treadmill exercises alternate muscles for a unique treadmill workout.

Do Stops and Starts Affect my Walking Workout?
If you walk with a dog or your route includes a lot of traffic signals, you may find yourself stopping and starting a lot. Does this affect your workout?

10 Reasons to Repeat the Same Walk
If you do the same walking route every day or if you enjoy the same big walking event each year, here are 10 reasons why you're on the right track.

Does Walking Backward Have Exercise Benefits?
Some like to switch it up and walk backward. Studies show it might have some benefits.

Step Up Your Walking Workout
One of the best ways to take a walking routine up a notch is to add some interval training. This means you'll speed up your pace for a minute or two every several minutes. If you're walking more than one mile, you could also alternate a run-walk, adding arm movements, while leaving one mile to take a little more slowly.

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