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How to Walk for Weight Loss

You can walk off the weight


Updated June 20, 2014

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 To lose weight and to keep it off, you need to get moving.

Walking at a moderate pace for 30-60 minutes burns stored fat and can build muscle to speed up your metabolism. Walking an hour a day is also associated with cutting your risk of heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and stroke. Isn't it time to work 1-hour walks into your busy lifestyle?

This tutorial tells you how walking burns calories and fat, what speed is appropriate, how long and how often to walk, and methods to track your activity.

>>Next: 1. Burning Calories Walking: How many calories do you burn walking?

2. Burning More Calories and Fat: What are the keys to burning more calories with your walking workout?

3. Watching Calories: One candy bar takes three to five miles to burn off, so the key to weight loss with walking is also to eat fewer calories.

4. How Fast to Walk for Weight Loss: How to walk in the fat-burning zone for weight loss.

5. How Long to Walk for Weight Loss: The best walking workout distance and time for weight loss.

6. Walking Schedule for Weight Loss: Mix up your walking workouts to get the most weight loss effect.

7. Keep Track of Your Walks and Weight Loss: Keeping a log or journal will help ensure success.

8. Keeping Track: Studies show that keeping track of your walking time and calories can keep you on the path to losing weight.

9. Walk of Life 10-Week Program: Our free daily program for walking, healthy eating and weight loss.

10. Walking Calorie Calculators


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