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Walking is often recommended as part of a weight loss program. Find out how far, how fast, and how often you should walk as part of a weight management program. Learn how to burn fat and eat better.
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How to Walk for Weight Loss
You can use walking to burn fat and calories and help you lose weight. Here is how much, how often, how fast and how far you need to walk.

10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Walk Off Weight
To get the most out of walking for weight loss, here are 10 things to stop doing.

Walk of Life 10-Week Program
Enjoy our free 70-day program to help you walk for weight management. Each day has a walking lesson, walking assignment, nutrition tip, healthy recipe, and motivation tip.

How I Walked Off Weight
Stories of how walkers walked off weight or used walking as part of a weight loss program.

Am I Walking Enough to Lose Weight?
How much walking is enough to help you lose weight? An hour a day, most days of the week is usually the exercise prescription.

Fat Burning Walk
How to walk in the optimum fat-burning zone. Find the right pace and heart rate to burn more calories from fat.

Pedometer Walking and Step Counting for Weight Loss
A pedometer is a great motivator to get in extra steps each day towards a goal of 10,000 steps. This helps burn the extra calories and can aid in weight loss.

Getting Off the Weight Loss Plateau
If you are dieting and exercising but the weight isn't coming off any more, here are tips on how to get it all moving in the right direction.

Weight Loss Toolbox
Quick guide to tools that can help you with your weight control efforts. Activity calorie calculators, basal metabolic rate calculators, nutrition analysis, diet planning and more.

Am I Fat? Assess Your Weight and Calories Burned
Are you fat? Our calculators can help you determine whether you are at a good body weight, and help you maintain or achieve a healthy activity level and body weight.

Fit and Fat? Not Enough to Reduce Risks of Obesity
The National Nurse's Health Study found in Dec., 2004 that exercise reduces health risks, but does not fully offset the risks increased by being overweight and obese.

South Beach Diet Diary - Does It Work for Walkers?
Your editor used the South Beach Diet to take off pounds and inches. See how she fit this modified carb/modified fat diet into an endurance walking lifestyle.

Step Up Your Walking Workout
Step by step, you can improve your walking routine so you'll burn more calories and exercise more efficiently. Here's how!

Before You Buy a Body Fat Monitor
Weight alone doesn't tell how your diet and exercise are working. You could be getting leaner, thinner, and healthier without the scale moving. A body fat monitor tells the real story. How to choose one and reviews of several models.

Diets Don't Work
Diets have a poor record of producing permanent weight loss. What does it take to lose weight and keep it off with lifestyle weight management?

There's No Such Thing as Cheating
Healthy eating philosophy brought to you by your About Guide.

Fat for the Holidays?
Increase the walking and improve your nutrition to keep away holiday pounds.

Exercising Too Much
Sometimes, women and girls can exercise too much, which often leads to a host of health issues for girls and women. These are the signs that you may be exercising too much.

Papa Joe Aviance Walks Off 255 Pounds
Papa Joe Aviance couldn't stand the way he looked in his hit video. He threw out the bad food and started walking. He lost 255 pounds in 18 months.

Biggest Loser Dad Michael Dorsey Gets Fit For His Family
Michael Dorsey lost weight on the reality show The Biggest Loser. He tells how being a father influenced his decision to lose weight and the benefits he feels for his family life.

How to Walk for Weight Loss
You can use walking as your fat-burning aerobic exercise to lose weight. Here are the facts about how many calories you can burn, what is the best walking schedule, speed, and how to get started.

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