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Walk of Life Day 30


Updated December 17, 2012

Today's Walk
30-60 minute walk in the healthy heart zone 50-60% of your maximum heart rate. Finish your walk at a moderate pace with 5 minutes of cool down at a very easy pace.

Exercise: Dynamic Abs Workout

Walking Groups
Where can you find other people with whom to walk? Some likely sources are: medical center programs, YMCA - YWCA, health clubs, senior centers, parks and recreation departments, mall walking programs. Start exploring via the web or your phone book.
Walking Clubs
Cities/Townsat About

Pizza is my ideal food. If you put me on Survivor Island with only pizza, I would be in heaven. But pizza is a diet-killer if you get it with high-fat meat toppings and loaded with cheese. How to make pizza into a part of a healthy and lower-fat diet?
Pizza Tips and Tricks and Recipes

Affirm Yourself
Mantra of the day: I am awake and alive. I am strong. I love to walk and exercise to make myself fit and energetic.

Word of the day

Exercising Funny
Put some humor into your workout with these suggestions from Paige.

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