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Ultramarathon Walking Training

How to train to walk an ultramarathon walk of 50 kilometers or more.
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Ultramarathon Walking
Walking an ultramarathon is an ultra challenge.

Fueling for a Marathon or Ultra
From your About.com Guide. What to eat and drink on a long distance event.

What to Wear for a Marathon or Ultra
From your About.com Guide. Select your clothing and gear for a longer event.

Schiedam 100 Mile Walk in 24 Hours
Walking the Schiedam, Netherlands centurion walk - 100 miles in 24 hours.

24 Hour Race Strategy
Advice from ultrarunners.

Advice to the Beginning Ultrarunner
Gary Cantrell in Ultrarunner gives advice.

Checklist for Running an Ultra Distance Walk
If you are interested in organizing a marathon or ultra, this list from Tim Erickson is valuable.

How to Reach 100 Miles in 24 Hours
  Advice on how to achieve the centurion distance by Kevin Setnes

Hundred Miler Checklists
Make sure you have all of your stuff the day of the event.

Organizing and Holding a 100 Mile Event
How to host a ultra event, from Tim Erickson.

Training for the 100 Mile Walk
Tim Erickson of the Australian Centurions on how to prepare for ultra walks.

Training for Your First Ultra
UltRunR mailgroup gives advice.

Training for a 50 Miler
Advice given on the UltRunR mailgroup by recent participants.

Training for a 100 Miler
Advice from the UltRunR mailgroup.

Track Ultras
The UltRunR mailgroup writers tell what to bring along when doing those long track events where you go round and round and round....

Ultrawalking and Ultramarathon
A site in Spanish dedicated to ultrawalking and ultramarathon events, participants, and records.

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