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Home Treadmill Repair

When and Where to Find Repair Help for Your Home Treadmill


Updated June 17, 2014

Treadmill Repair

Treadmill Repair

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When your home treadmill isn't running right, you need treadmill repair help. Dan Thompson of Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair in the Chicago, Illinois, area tells us when you will need repair for your home treadmill -- and how to find it.

Q: What are signs that your treadmill needs repair?

1) It won't start or is not operating correctly.

2) Any noise that was not there before (knocking, ticking, squeaking, scraping, the possibilities are endless!). As with any machine moving parts will make noise but if it has become noticeably louder or doesn't seem normal odds are a problem is developing.

3) The walking belt is slipping or sticking.

Q: What are the most common things that need repair on a treadmill?

A: Over time, both the walking belt and drive belt will loosen and will need to be tensioned and aligned. This is most likely the problem if the belt stops or hesitates with every footfall. It is very important to determine which belt needs to be tensioned, over tensioning either of the belts can result in a malfunctioning motor control board.

Q: Are there simple repairs that a home treadmill owner can do themselves?

A: Depending on your mechanical and electrical comfort levels you can attempt a repair yourself or get help with the diagnosis from your manufacturer's customer support line. If you remove your machine's motor cover and immediately think you are in too deep it is probably best to call a professional. As with any other specialty piece of equipment a professional repair technician will be able to spot and test for an underlying cause that may not be immediately apparent.

Where to find a professional to repair your treadmill

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