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Top 8 Treadmill Accessories


Updated June 01, 2014

You bought the exercise machine or treadmill - now for a few treadmill accessories to make using it more pleasurable.

1. Treadmill Cleaning Kit

Treadmill Lube and Cleaning Kit
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Protect your treadmill and prevent problems by keeping it clean and performing well. Kits include cleaning solution, scrub brush, applicator wand, and instructions. You shouldn't use just any lubricant on a treadmill, our treadmill repair expert Dan Thompson especially warns against using WD-40. Instead, consult your user's manual or manufacturer first and buy a treadmill-specific lubricant.

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2. Treadmill Mat

Treadmill Mat
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A treadmill mat protects both the treadmill and your floor or carpet. Save wear and tear on your floor or rug and keep the sweat from soaking in. The mat will also make it easier to vacuum around the treadmill to keep dust, pet hair and carpet fiber away from the motor and belt, where it can cause damage over time. A treadmill mat also dampens the vibrations and noise.

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3. Reading Rack

I like reading while exercising. This rack slips over the monitor of your treadmill or other cardio exercise machine. It is clear, allowing you to see the controls underneath, while securely holding your book or magazine.

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4. InVu LCD TV/DVD Player

If you don't have your treadmill positioned in front of a TV already, or a built-in TV in your treadmill, this 15-inch LCD TV comes on a height-adjustable stand to position in front of your treadmill or other exercise machine. You can hook it up to any antenna or cable, or use the built-in DVD player. It runs on either batteries or plug-in. Come to think of it, it would be handy to wheel anywhere in the house.

5. Book: Treadmill Walking

Walking expert Rob Sweetgall gives you cardiovascular and weight-loss programs for all levels of treadmill walkers (96 pages).

6. VideoStride Treadmill Walking Videos

Give yourself some scenery from your treadmill with two workouts totalling 60 minutes for an intermediate level workout. Choose from destinations: Swiss Countryside, Banff Canada, and Hawaii.

7. VideoHiker

Enjoy two or three complete treadmill workouts on each video. Hike through destinations such as the Grand Canyon, the Swiss Alps, and Maui.

8. Video: TreadMoves

Pump up your treadmill workout. These two videos take you through a full body workout on your treadmill. Each includes beginner and advanced moves -- follow the instructor of your choice. It comes in DVD or VHS.

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