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Best Budget Treadmills - Readers' Choice Awards 2012

Winner and Finalists


Updated May 31, 2014

Meet the winner and finalists for best budget treadmills nominated for our 2012 Readers' Choice Awards. These treadmills retail for $1,500 or less. Results shown during voting may not reflect the audited final counts used to determine winners. For more information see our FAQ. The prize: bragging rights.

1. Winner: LifeSpan TR 1200-DT Treadmill Desk

LifeSpan TR 1200-DT Treadmill Desk
Courtesy of Pricegrabber

This treadmill desk can help you win the battle against inactivity and the health risks of sitting too much. The table surface is big enough for your laptop or even for a computer monitor, keyboard, printer, etc. You can amble along as you work and put in your steps per day. Burn calories while you work. The treadmill display is at the front of the desk console. Voted Best New Treadmill for 2012 by Treadmill Doctor.

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2. NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill
Courtesy of Pricegrabber

This treadmill has both a 15% incline and a -3% decline feature - so you can go downhill as well as uphill. Our readers said it felt very stable and had a powerful 3.5-horsepower motor. You can install iFit live to get great new workouts and features. It was also voted a Best Buy by a leading consumer magazine in 2012.

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3. Smooth 6.75 Treadmill

Smooth 6.75 Treadmill
Courtesy of Smooth

Do you like a quiet treadmill? These are smooth treadmills that are known for their quiet operation. This folding treadmill has a 3.0-horsepower motor. The soft-drop system helps you fold and unfold it easily so you can store it away when not in use. It has heart-rate controlled workouts with a handgrip pulse monitor, with an option to use a chest-strap monitor. Too quiet? Plug in your iPod or other music player.

4. ProForm Performance 1450 Treadmill

ProForm Performance 1450 Treadmill
Courtesy of Pricegrabber

Don't want to go offline when you're on the treadmill? The ProForm 1450 has a built-in Android web browser and 10-inch screen. Team that with iFit Live and Google Maps and you can enjoy a wide variety of virtual workouts. It has a 3.25-horsepower motor.

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5. ProForm Power 995 Treadmill

ProForm Power 995 Treadmill
Courtesy of Pricegrabber

For around $1,000, this treadmill is designed for walkers with a weight-loss goal. It has a powerful 3.0-horsepower motor, a weight limit up to 325 pounds and a long 60-inch deck. It has 20 built-in workouts and is iFit Live compatible, so you can enjoy popular workouts such as those from Jillian Michaels.

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