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Vancouver Land Bridge Photos - Confluence Project

Connecting the Land, People, and River


Updated November 17, 2008

The Vancouver Land Bridge celebrates the land, people, and river while providing a safe pedestrian route from the Renaissance Trail on the Columbia River with Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and Vancouver, Washington's Central Park.

The Vancouver Land Bridge is one of seven sites of the Confluence Project. Designer Maya Lin, who designed the Vietnam Memorial, was commissioned by Native American tribes and civic groups to create a series of seven art installations along the Columbia River Basin created to evoke the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. These installations range from the border of Idaho to the mouth of the Columbia River.

The Land Bridge provides an important pedestrian and bike connection between the walking routes along the Columbia River with the historic sites that were blocked by Highway 14 and railroad tracks. Beyond access, it takes walkers on an artistic journey that links the River, Land and People.

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Vancouver Land Bridge SignVancouver Land Bridge South Entrance - Old Apple Tree ParkRailroad Underpass to Old Apple Tree ParkRailroad Underpass to Old Apple Tree ParkOld Apple TreeOld Apple Tree Park - Vancouver, WashingtonWelcome GateVancouver Land Bridge Welcome Gate
Land Bridge South Entry PathwaySouth Entry to Vancouver Land BridgeHistoric ArtworkArt Depicts Area History of the Vancouver Land BridgeRiver Kiosk on Vancouver Land BridgeRiver Kiosk on the Vancouver Land BridgeSigns at River KioskView of Columbia River from River Kiosk
People Kiosk on Vancouver Land BridgeWalkers Pass the People KioskBenches in People KioskBenches at the People KioskFort Vancouver from Vancouver Land BridgeFort Vancouver Framed in Path from Vancouver Land BridgeCouncil CircleCouncil Circle on Vancouver Land Bridge
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