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Top 10 Walk: Charleston, South Carolina


Updated April 13, 2012

White Point Gardens

White Point Gardens

Nick Greene ©
The Charleston, South Carolina Year-Round Walk #1358 earned a slot among the Top Ten Walks in the USA, as voted by the clubs of the American Volkssport Association.

Voting history

2000: #6
2002: #4
2003: Honorable Mention
2004: #1

Walk Details

The starting point is at the Hampton Inn, 345 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401. The walk is hosted by the Asheville Amblers.
Charleston Walk Details: Check for changes before you go!

The walk is rated "easy" on sidewalks and the cobblestone streets and pathways through the historic district, Waterfront Park, White Point Gardens, and the market area. This is a great walk on which to take your time and absorb the local atmosphere.

Register at the start point, take a map and have a great time.

Charleston has been named the "Most Polite City in the USA" for the past six years. Come soak up the charm!

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How to Enjoy the Top Walks

AVA year-round walks are open to any walker. Locate the starting point by searching by state. At the starting point, locate the start box with maps and directions. Sign the waiver and enjoy the trail.
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