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Mount of Olives - Palm Sunday and Holy Thursday Walk

Jerusalem, Israel


Updated March 23, 2013

Tours of Jerusalem may include a walk down the Mount of Olives. This is the site of a Jewish cemetery where the faithful have been buried for centuries awaiting the Messiah's return. Christians believe the Messiah arrived in the form of Jesus. The Mount of Olives is a central place to the Holy Week traditions of Palm Sunday, the Agony in the Garden, the betrayal and arrest of Jesus, and his ascension into heaven. It also provides a stunning view of Jerusalem.

The walk is about a half mile and descends 400 feet. Those walking down the Mount of Olives should wear sturdy shoes as the path is steep and there are some areas of gravel. Dress for respect of the holy sites of many faiths. Men should wear long pants rather than shorts. Women should wear pants or skirts that are below the knee and should have a garment to put on that covers their arms to past their elbows.

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Jerusalem from Mount of Olives Viewpoint - IsraelJerusalem from the Mount of OlivesCity of David from Mount of Olives - JerusalemView of the City of David from the Mount of OlivesCemetery on the Mount of Olives - JerusalemJewish Cemetery on the Mount of OlivesDescending the Mount of Olives - JerusalemDescending the Mount of Olives
White Burro on Mount of Olives - JerusalemWhite Donkey on Mount of OlivesRoad Down Mount of Olives - JerusalemRoad Down Mount of Olives to JerusalemHillside Graves on the Mount of Olives - JerusalemCave Graves on the Mount of OlivesGarden of Gethsemane - Agony in the Garden - Mount of Olives JerusalemGarden of Gethsemane
Church of All Nations - Rock Where Jesus Prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane - JerusalemChurch of All Nations - Rock Where Jesus Prayed in the GardenThe Golden Gate - JerusalemThe Golden Gate in the Walls of JerusalemView of Jerusalem from foot of Mount of OlivesView of Jerusalem from Mount OlivetThe Upper Room of the Last Supper - JerusalemUpper Room of the Last Supper - Jerusalem
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