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Injinji Tetratsok Socks

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Updated July 01, 2012

Injinji Socks

Injinji Socks

The Bottom Line

Many walkers experience toe blisters and chafing caused by toes rubbing against toes, even within a good moisture-wicking sock. Some of my walking friends use toe separators or toe caps to try to relieve this. The Injinji tetratsok is a great solution - it separates each toe in its own CoolMax toe capsule. The socks are seamless so there is no rubbing in the wrong places. The tetratsok is a lightweight CoolMax sock that will fit well in most shoes.
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  • Seamless anatomic weave
  • Toes kept separated to prevent blisters
  • CoolMax wicks away moisture
  • Light and comfortable


  • None


  • Anatomic five toe design to reduce toe blisters and separate toes.
  • Seamlessly woven with anatomic fit to prevent hot spots and bunching.
  • Made of CoolMax and Lycra to wick away moisture.

Guide Review - Injinji Tetratsok Socks

Blisters are caused by sweat softening the skin and leaving it more prone to tearing by rubbing against other skin or against your shoe. CoolMax socks help prevent that by wicking away the sweat and providing a barrier between the shoe and the feet. But many of us have still have problems with our toes rubbing together inside the sock, or seams or bunches of our socks causing rubbing points. The Injinji tetratsok is a seamless sports sock with anatomic toes. It is made of lightweight CoolMax and Lycra, which wicks away sweat and allows the toes to move independently rather than rubbing together. Its fit at the heel and arch keep the sock in place and prevent slipping and bunching that could create blister points.

I have closely set toes, yet find the Injinji tetratsok very comfortable to wear. I need a wide toebox in my shoes, yet the Injinji tetratsok doesn't add any bulk. If you have problems with toe blisters, or if you need toe separators, give the Injinji tetratsok a try.

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