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Socks to Battle Blisters


Updated June 26, 2014

Thorlos Lite Walking Socks

Thorlos Lite Walking Socks

Wendy Bumgardner

When blisters are your enemy, you get picky about your socks. I've converted from cotton socks to socks made of CoolMax or acrylic blends. These high-tech fabrics wick the sweat away from the foot and help prevent blisters.

Why Wicking Socks?
Sweat softens your skin and makes it more prone to blisters when your foot rubs against your shoes. This friction can tear softer skin. A sock that keeps your foot drier thus helps prevent blisters.

Thorlo Lite Walking
The Walking Thorlo is padded in the spots where your walking foot receives striking forces. Made of CoolMax, it helps prevent blisters by wicking moisture away from the foot. I tried a pair of the Lite Walking Thorlos (Compare Prices), pictured above. They performed well on a 10 kilometer walk. My previous experience with Thorlos hiking socks was excellent. I used the same pairs bought for one hiking trip for 12 years of constant walking and washings.
Top Picks for Thorlo Socks

Other Sock Attributes

Thickness: In general you don't need a thickly padded sock for walking. But getting one that is too thin may contribute to blisters - I discovered that I needed to stay with medium thickness socks rather than the thin varieties.

Double-Layer: Double-layer socks prevent blisters by providing wicking and decreasing friction. According to Wrightsock "This movement between the two layers of the sock replaces what would be movement between your foot and an ordinary sock. By allowing this movement within the sock layers, the friction is absorbed and the foot receives much less, if any, friction."

Compare Prices

Style: Do white socks bore you? Visit your local running store - they may have CoolMax socks with jazzy designs and colors, such as seen at Roadrunnersports.com

Reflective for Safety: Wrightsock has a style with reflective designs around the cuff for added safety when walking at night. These CoolMax socks proved to be just the right thickness for me and are my favorite on long walks.

Cuff Height: I like to vary the height of my sock to help prevent those walking tan lines. I wear New Balance CoolMax Peds in the summer and their CoolMax Quarter Socks in cooler seasons.

Bargain Socks

Three-packs of Asics CoolMax socks are common at most running stores. If you want to go with the more expensive brands, comparison shop online at the online stores listed above.

Grab your socks and let's get walking!

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