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Lace Your Shoes to Fit Right


Updated June 01, 2014

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Lacing to Prevent Heel Slippage
Lacing to Prevent Heel Slippage

Lacing to Prevent Heel Slippage

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Shoelacing techniques can help with shoe fit problems. Changing your lacing pattern will affect the fit of the shoe, so use caution after making a change and test it over shorter distances.

To keep your heel in the heel cup of the shoe, lace your shoes to form a "lace lock" at the top of your shoe.

This will allow you to tie the shoe tightly at the top without narrowing the fit for the rest of the shoe.

  • Lace up from the bottom of the next to last eyelet.
  • Then lace over and down through the top eyelet on the same side to form a "bunny ear."
  • Do the same for the other side.
  • Now lace through the opposite "bunny ear" you formed between those two eyelets.
  • Now when you tie your shoe, you can get a good tight fit at the ankle but keep it loose over the rest of the top of the foot.
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