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Walking Shoes

How to find and get fitted for the best walking shoe for your foot and walking style. Top picks lists for different types of walking shoes. How to take care of your shoes, lace them right, and know when they need to be replaced.
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  2. Walking Shoe Reviews (84)
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  6. Shoe Care (31)
  7. Insoles (16)

Before You Buy Walking Shoes
Here is what to look for in a walking shoe and tips for getting the right shoe for your foot and walking style. We have top picks for shoes for each gait.

Walking Shoe Guide and Reviews
How to choose the right shoes, where to get them fit, and read reviews and top picks for different kinds of walking shoes.

When the Shoe Doesn't Fit
Troubleshoot your problem feet with lacing techniques, insoles, getting fit right or ordering custom shoes.

Lace Your Shoes to Fit Right
How can you make your shoes fit better? Learn shoelacing techniques that can save your feet.

Athletic Shoe Selection
About Sports Medicine Guide Elizabeth Quinn leads you to the right pair of shoes for YOUR feet.

Race Walking Shoe Guide
If you use Olympic racewalking technique, you have special needs. Racewalker Paul Adams gives a rundown of what you need in a racewalking shoe.

Five Hot Athletic Shoe Trends for 2011
A rundown of the five hottest athletic shoe trends of 2011 from the American College of Sports Medicine. What is hot and should it be?

Why I Don't Recommend Weighted Shoes
Should you wear heavy shoes to burn more calories and prevent osteoporosis? I don't recommend it, and here is why.

Is Barefoot Better or Bad?
Is going barefoot good or bad for your feet? A look at studies as to whether walking and running barefoot is better, and whether barefoot-type shoes are good for you.

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