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Running Shoe vs. Walking Shoe


Updated June 01, 2014

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Heel Height for Running Shoes vs. Walking Shoes
Shoe Sole Height Comparison

Shoe Sole Height Comparison

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Runners strike the ground anywhere from the forward part of their heel through the midfoot to the ball of the foot, depending on the individual. Walkers should strike with their heel. Running shoes are designed to provide stability for runners with a built-up heel. Runners who strike with their heel or midfoot should look for less built-up heels, while those who land on the ball of their foot need a more built-up heel.

Walkers should look for running shoes with the least difference in height from the heel through the toe. The shoe outer sole can be deceptive, some may appear to have higher heels but the heel actually sits lower inside the shoe. Walkers will be striking with their heel and rolling through the step. They have no need for a higher heel.

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