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Heel Shoe Wear Pattern


Updated September 22, 2012

The shoe on the left has seen about 350 miles of walking, compared to the new shoe on the right.
Shoe Heel Wear

Shoe Heel Wear

Photo © Wendy Bumgardner
Shoes should also wear on the heels, as walkers should be striking with the heel, rolling through a step, and pushing off with the toe. The shoe on the left is showing some wear on the heel, but actually very little for the amount of walking it has endured. It could be that this walker isn't striking with her heel as she should be. She may be landing flat footed before pushing off with the toe.

A normal, neutral gait will see heel wear at the middle to outside edge of the heel, on the little toe side of the foot.

Over-pronators will see more heel wear in the middle of the heel and perhaps even toward the inner edge of the heel (the big toe side). Their shoes may even tilt inward when placed on a flat surface.

Supinators or under-pronators will see heel wear all along the outer edge of the shoe. When placed on a flat surface, their worn shoes may tilt outward.

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