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Walking Shoe Wear Patterns

Clues Your Shoes Need Replaced


Updated September 13, 2012

Are your walking shoes ready for replacement? Walking shoes generally last 350 to 500 miles. They may not appear to be worn out, when in fact they have lost their support and cushioning. How and where you wear out the soles of your shoes can give you further clues about whether you overpronate, have a neutral gait, or a supinated gait. Here are examples of walking shoes that are obviously in need of replacement.
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Normal Shoe Wear PatternNormal Shoe Wear Pattern - Old Shoe Compared to New ShoeNew and Old ShoesNew Shoe Compared to Worn Out ShoeNew and Old ShoesDirty Old ShoesHole in the SoleA Hole in the Sole - Shoe Wear Pattern Photo
Shoe Heel WearHeel Shoe Wear PatternShoe Heel CompressionShoe Losing Its Cushioning and SupportShoe Wear Pattern for SupinationShoe Wear Pattern - SupinatorWrinkles Developing in Shoe HeelWrinkles Developing in the Shoe Sole
Neutral to Supinated Heel WearShoe Heel Wear Pattern - Neutral to Supinated GaitHole at Little Toe of ShoeLittle Toe Has Worn a HoleShoe Wear Inside ShoeHoles on the Inside of Your Shoes
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