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Top 10 Stability Shoes


Updated May 16, 2014

Stability shoes are more flexible than a motion control shoe while providing good support and durability. These shoes are for people who do not have severe motion control problems and mid-weight people. They tend to have a thick heel, which is not needed by walkers. The shoes listed are quality shoes with a good track record. Get your shoes fitted by an expert to find the pair that is right for you.

1. New Balance 847 Walking Shoe

New Balance 847 Walking Shoe
Courtesy of Pricegrabber

The New Balance 847 is the successor to long-time walking favorite, the 846. The walkers we polled loved the 846 and 844 for comfort and flexibility, making it a shoe they bought year after year. It has a rollbar and medial and lateral posts for motion control. It is Medicare-rated as a diabetic shoe. It comes in muted colors -- black, gray and white.

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2. Saucony ProGrid Omni 12

Saucony Omni 12
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This is the running version of the Omni. With the Omni versions 11 and 12, they have reduced the weight and the heel drop, making it better for walkers, who need a lower heel than runners. This trend in running shoes should benefit walkers who like to wear them. It provides good stability and still isn't exactly a lightweight shoe, so it should hold up for those of us carrying extra pounds. It won the Runner's World Editor's Choice Award 2013.
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3. Mizuno Wave Alchemy

Mizuno Wave Alchemy
courtesy of Pricegrabber
The Alchemy is consistently rated as one of the best stability shoes on the market, year after year. The 12 edition has more cushioning, although it still feels very firm. It has a new lacing system for a tighter fit. It's a shoe that will last longer for larger walkers.
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4. Saucony ProGrid Guide 5

Saucony ProGRID Guide 5
Courtesy of Pricegrabber

The Guide is flatter than most walking/running shoes, with an 8 mm heel drop, while still providing stability and cushioning. Flatter shoes are better for achieving a good heel plant and roll through your step with a powerful walking stride. The Guide is also lighter in weight than many stability shoes. It comes in both medium and wide widths.

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5. New Balance 860

New Balance WW860 Shoes
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The New Balance 860 is an update to their 760 series. The shoes are lightweight, flat and flexible, perfect for a walking stride. They have a Stride Bar to provide motion control. As with most New Balance shoes, they come in widths for a better fit. I found them to be very comfortable, but are best for people who overpronate and need motion control.

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6. Asics GT-2000

Asics GT-2000 Shoe
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Asics renumbered its shoes and this is the update to the GT-2170. This walking shoe is flat and flexible but also provides stability and cushioning. It is available in widths. It also comes in a trail version if you want to take it off-road.
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7. Saucony GRID Omni Walker

Saucony GRID Omni
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
The walking version of the Omni has a wide forefoot that makes it a favorite for women. It comes in two versions for stability and ultimate stability.
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8. Brooks Trance

Brooks Trance 12
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
The Trance provides stability with lots of cushioning. It has lots of toe room. It has and enough cushioning and structure for medium to large sized walkers and runners. The list price is expensive but you can often find it on sale.
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9. Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
The Adrenaline is a well-cushioned stability shoe. It is very flexible in the forefoot, as is needed by walkers. As expected for a traditional stability shoe, it is not lightweight, weighing in at 11 ounces per shoe. It provides a feeling of arch support for those who need it. If you like the regular version, it also comes in GTX waterproof version.

10. New Balance 870v3

New Balance 870v3
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Great stability but lightweight? Yes, New Balance is using REVlite foam, reducing shoe weight by 30% With the 870v2 and continuing with the 870v3, the shoe weight is down to 8.4 ounces. The heel drop is also lower, which is great for walkers. This shoe also provides some motion control for overpronators, but it also works well for those with a neutral stride. The come in wide, narrow, and regular widths.
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