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Best Fitness Walking Shoes - Readers' Choice Awards 2013

Winner and Finalists


Updated May 21, 2014

Meet the 2013 winner and finalists in our fitness walking shoes category. These shoes should support your feet for brisk fitness walking. The finalists were nominated by readers and selected by our expert panel of walkers. The readers voted and our winner and first runner-up really worked their social media to get out the vote. For more information see our FAQ. The prize: bragging rights.


Prospecs 400 Series Power Walk Shoe
Prospecs 400 Series Power Walk Shoe
These shoes have an interesting Move Frame in the midsole, made of plastic. I got a preview pair of them a year ago and found them to be different in a good way. They have several models of shoes that are just coming to the US market, after having been sold in Korea. They were prolific in nominating the shoes, and here is what they said about each style.
Prospecs Power Walk 400: "Maximum stability and exceptional cushioning from heel strike through toe-off for brisk power walking."
Prospecs Power Walk 401: "Great cushioning, laterally stable, light weight, they feel good when you first put them on, they feel even better after a few days and it looks cool. This is the first time I had a shoe that combined all of the above."
Prospecs Power Walk 405: "My feet have never been so comfortable in a shoe when I'm standing all day long on a cement floor! You "walk" all day long in retail!"
Prospecs Power Walk 503: "I can walk for miles without getting tired or sore at all."
Prospecs Power Walk 603: Lighter in weight for faster walking.

ABEO SMARTsystem 3650

ABEO SMARTsystem 3650 Shoes
© The Walking Company

The ABEO SMARTsystem shoes all include technology developed at Stanford University to reduce knee stress. They are sold through The Walking Company stores. This version is one of their athletic models. featuring a soft heel counter. They market these shoes especially to the middle-aged athlete who may have knee pain or is developing osteoarthritis.

New Balance Shoes

New Balance WW860 Shoes
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
New Balance shoes have been a favorite of walkers for many years. They come in both walking and running variations. As a big advantage, many styles are available in narrow, wide and even extra wide. Our nominators cited a couple of favorites.
New Balance 847: "Love everything about it, especially that it is designed for women's walking." they include bunion panels to provide gentle stretch around your toes. (Compare Prices)
New Balance 860: "Sturdy long distance shoe that offers stability on a wide range of surfaces." (Compare Prices)
New Balance 587: A very stable motion control shoe for serious overpronators. (Compare Prices)


Brooks Beast Motion Control Shoe
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber

Brooks makes a variety of styles of serious shoes for fitness walking and running. The Brooks Glycerin (Compare Prices) was nominated as a lightweight but cushioned trainer good for longer-distance training. "Cushy but holds foot firm for stability." Their motion control shoes, the Beast and the Ariel, are always at the top of the list for walkers who overpronate. "Consistently well made, comfortable, supportive shoes, which last! Comes in a wide range of sizes including narrow and wide."

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Mizuno Wave Rider
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Mizuno has a full suite of shoes for different kinds of fitness walkers.
I've worn the Mizuno Wave Rider, which provides stability and a little motion control. (Compare Prices)
Nominators also liked the Mizuno Wave Alchemy motion control shoe, "Strong support and control without binding. Great for my over pronation and this design keep my heel to toe alginment true." (Compare Prices)
Another liked the Mizuno Wave Nirvana, "A light shoe yet good support. Roomy toe box -- no more black toes. Shoes breathe -- they allow good air circulation so my feet don't swell as much in hot weather." (Compare Prices)

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