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Versatile Walking Accessory

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Updated July 07, 2012

Brown Hipzbag Clipped to Belt Loops

Brown Hipzbag Clipped to Belt Loops

Wendy Bumgardner © 2012
If you didn't get the memo, fanny packs are so far out of style that they were due to be reinvented. And now they have been - as the Hipzbag. It's a portable pocket for your cell phone, ID, money and other walking essentials. The reinvention comes in being able to clip it to your belt loops or wear it with the included strap. It comes in stylish designs and colors in faux leather.

The New Hands Free

Many of us don't go anywhere without our cell phone. But how do you carry it if you don't have the right pockets? It's even more of a problem with the bulky iPhone. I like to go for fitness walks on my breaks and lunches and listen to podcasts. But my outfits don't always have pockets suitable to carry my phone. The iPhone is so bulky that the various types of belt clips I've used just seem to hang the device precariously from my waistband. I want something that feels more secure.

The Hipzbag is just the right size for carrying your cell phone in its back slash pocket for easy access. Then, in the front zippered pocket, you can carry your keys, ID, credit cards or even a standard-sized wallet. It's pretty roomy and has an inside slash organizer pocket as well.

I was very pleased with how much it could carry, yet it is only 6 inches by 6 inches in size.

You can listen to your cell phone with earbuds or have quick access to it in the back slash pocket. It's deep enough to hold your phone securely, but the top of the phone will still stick out.

Clip It or Strap It



Courtesy of Pricegrabber

The Hipzbag has swivel hooks on each side. These allow you to clip each one to a belt loop so you don't need to use a strap. This works great if you are wearing pants or a skirt that has belt loops.

But my pocket-less pants don't usually have belt loops, nor do my running pants. Instead, I can use the provided strap clipped to the swivel hooks and adjust the length. You can wear this as a belt at your waist or hip. It also works fine worn over one shoulder. The strap is detachable, so you can clip on the strap of your choice if you want one that is longer or shorter. I've had to replace worn straps on other bags, or wanted to switch out leather for a chain, etc.

Hipzbag is made of faux leather in a variety of colors and styles. Most look nice enough to wear as an accessory with a sweater or tunic.

This reinvented fanny pack is useful for walking commuters, workday walkers and fitness walkers.

While I've tried various sport armbands for my iPhone, I just don't find them convenient enough to access my phone and start/stop my pedometer and GPS apps, etc. I like this design for the ease of getting to my phone.

Passport Bag

Hipzbag also has a larger passport bag design that can be useful for travelers, with space for your passport and camera.

What's missing? It doesn't have enough capacity to carry a water bottle, although I think the clipping-pocket concept could be used for a water bottle holder on your other hip. I'd also be interested in seeing them in other materials, such as ballistic nylon, for a more outdoorsy/fitness look.

Botton Line on Hipzbag


Black Hipzbag with Studs Clipped to Belt Loops

Wendy Bumgardner © 2012

I like this stylish solution to going hands-free while I fit in a fitness walk during the workday. It's also great for roaming around with my keys, money and cell phone when I don't have the right pockets in my pants or jacket. Rather than having to carry a purse, I can put on the Hipzbag.

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