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NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Bra

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Updated June 04, 2012

NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra

NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra

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The Bottom Line

I've had difficulty with many heart rate monitor chest straps in loss of contact problems as well as chafing. The Numetrex heart rate monitoring sports bra is a good solution. The sensors are integrated into the sports bra, with a small transmitter that snaps into the front as well. I had flawless transmission to the Polar heart monitor watch. The racer back sports bra was also very comfortable to wear.


  • Nylon/Lycra seamless bra with integrated heart rate sensors
  • Heart rate transmitter snaps into bra
  • Compatible with Polar heart rate monitors


  • Not compatible with all heart rate monitors


  • Nylon/spandex racer back sports bra with integrated heart rate sensors
  • Works with a Polar WearLink transmitter and Polar heart rate monitor watch
  • Bra comes in small, medium, and large

Guide Review - NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Bra

Heart rate monitors rely on sensors that need to be in constant contact with your chest. The traditional design is for the sensors to be embedded into a chest strap with a transmitter attached. But many people, including me, have had difficulty with the chest strap not being the right shape to match our chests, resulting in a loss of contact during exercise.

The Numetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra is a well-designed sports bra made of moisture wicking nylon/spandex. They have woven the sensors into the wide, comfortable bottom band. The wide sensor area means a reduced chance of losing contact. I also found it to be a very comfortable sports bra in general.

The Polar WearLink transmitter snaps into a pocket in the front of the bra. It can transmit to any of the Polar heart rate monitor watches compatible with the WearLink system.

I found this to be the most comfortable way I have ever worn a heart rate monitor. However, I worry that I will throw the bra into the wash without removing the transmitter. I wouldn't bet on it surviving that more than once.

When comparing prices, the bra itself without transmitter or wristwatch is in the $49 range. You will also need the WearLink transmitter (bra plus transmitter is in the $79 range) and a heart rate monitor watch (complete system of bra, transmitter, and Polar FS1 watch is in the $115 range).

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