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Injuries and Prevention and Health Benefits of Walking

Sports health for walkers common foot, knee and leg problems including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, blisters, chafing, foot health, walking in hot and cold weather. Benefits of walking for preventing disease and maintaining health.
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Miracle Cure Uncovered
Recent medical research reports on how to prevent breast cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Walking! From your About Guide.

How to Treat a Walking Injury
If you tripped and sprained or strained your ankle, wrist, or other body part, here are the steps to treating it and speed healing.

Walking When it Hurts
Should you keep walking when it hurts? What are the signs that you need to stop walking with a pain or injury?

Sensitive Subjects for Walkers: Embarrassing Problems When You Exercise
Embarrassing problems can happen when you walk and exercise. You are not alone, here is how to deal with bladder control problems, itchy legs, chafing, and other sensitive subjects and embarrassing problems.

Should You Walk When You Are Sick?
Here are some simple rules on when you should be resting and when you are safe to go walking.

Stay Healthy - Sanitize Your Hands
The single best thing you can do to stay healthy and prevent colds, flu, stomach flu and diarrhea is to wash or sanitize your hands frequently. A study shows that families can reduce illness by almost 60% by using a gel hand sanitizer. Carry a small bottle with you on your walks if you use public restrooms.

FirstIce Cold Therapy
FirstIce is a cold therapy pack to use on sprains, strains or muscle aches.

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