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Top 10 Pedometers


Updated May 29, 2014

What is the best pedometer? Using a step counter pedometer is a great way to keep active -- aiming to increase your steps by 2000 per day towards a goal of 10,000 steps per day. The best pedometers can calculate and display other interesting stats such as distance, calories burned, speed, elapsed time, steps per minute, or function as a stopwatch and alarm. Some pedometers have fancy features such as talking, playing music or reading your heart rate.

1. Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer

Omron HJ-321 Pedometer 1800
Wendy Bumgardner ©

The latest generation of pedometers uses a silent tri-axis mechanism that tolerates being tilted. No clicking or rattling. You can wear it in the traditional spot -- clipped to your waistband -- or carry it in a pocket, on a lanyard, or however else suits your lifestyle. The Omron HJ-321 counts steps, calculates distance and calories burned. It also tracks aerobic steps separately when walking or jogging more than 60 steps per minute or more than 10 minutes continuously. It resets itself automatically each day, with a 7-day memory to review past days. It comes with a security leash to ensure you don't lose it. This model doesn't upload to a computer or app, but it's big brother the Omron Hj-323U does upload via a built-in USB stick to the OmronFitness.com personal dashboard. You can use manually enter your data there if you prefer the less-expensive HJ-321.

2. Fitbit One Tracker

Fitbit One
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
It's small, it's silent and it downloads automatically when I walk by my computer -- or via Bluetooth to a cell phone app. You can see your steps, calories, distance and stairs climbed on the Fitbit itself, plus you can view your results on their web site or app without subscription. It also tracks your sleep quality. It works with both Mac and PC. If you aren't interested in the sleep quality tracking or stairs, there is also the cute Fitbit Zip which sells at a lower price point.

3. Walk4Life MVP Pedometer

Walk4Life Elite Pedometer
© Walk4Life
This is an excellent multi-function pedometer to count steps and walking time, and calculates distance, moderate-intensity exercise time and vigorous-intensity exercise time. You can reset your totals at any time with the reset button. It doesn't estimate calories or have a memory feature. It won our 2013 Readers' Choice Award for Best Pedometer

4. Yamax Digiwalker CW-701 Pedometer

Yamax Digiwalker CW-701 Pedometer
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The CW-701 is the update to the highly-accurate SW-701. Beyond step counting, it displays distance, calories burned, clock and activity time. Yamax beefed up the mechanism with a long-lasting spring coil and heavy coated pendulum, which they claim improves accuracy 2.5% over the SW models. The belt clip is now made of sturdy metal. But the biggest change is in the display, with two lines to show multiple data. It now has a 7-day daily memory for steps, distance, calories, and activity time. It keeps a 2-week total for each as well.

5. Yamax® Digi-Walker™ SW-200 Pedometer

Yamax Digiwalker 200
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It only counts steps, but is considered the gold standard by pedometer researchers who use it as their most accurate reference. You can't go wrong - there is only a reset button. You can reset your step total to zero whenever you want.

6. Omron HJ-720 ITC Pedometer

Omron HJ-720itc Pedometer
Wendy Bumgardner ©

The Omron HJ-720ITC Pedometer Pedometer is a full-featured pedometer (steps, distance, calories) that also allows you to upload it all to enjoy graphs and charts of steps, aerobic steps, distance, calories and fat burned. The pedometer is of an advanced design that tolerates more tilt than many. It is also absolutely silent and very accurate. For the same price as other advanced pedometers, you also upload the data to your own computer to set your goals and see your progress. You keep the data on your own computer, rather than uploading it to a web site as with some other pedometers.

7. Sportline Pedometer 340 DS

Sportline 340 DS Pedometer
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
This Sportline pedometer allows you to reset your steps, distance and exercise time total to zero whenever you want. It has an accelerometer mechanism and can be worn on the waistband or carried in a pocket. It is very inexpensive.

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8. New-Lifestyles NL-2000i Pedometer

NEW LIFESTYLES NL-2000i 3-D Piezoelectric Pedometer

The NL-2000i is great pedometer for setting goals for steps, moderate-intensity physical activity, and calories burned. You can see your hourly progress and achievements, which can also be helpful for those of us who want to decrease our time spent sitting. The automatic seven day and 14-day memory helps you track your walking. It is a pocket pedometer that doesn't have a belt clip, although it comes with a pedometer safety leash.

9. Sportline Pedometer 345 DS

Sportline 345DS Pedometer
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
This Sportline pedometer counts steps, distance, calories and active time. It has an accelerometer mechanism and uses Sportline's MoveTrac technology.  The big button is just what some people want, allowing you to reset the totals. But some users find it too easy to accidentally reset the total when you don't want to


10. MIO Step 1 Pedometer

MIO Step 1 Pedometer
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
This 3D accelerometer pedometer has an angled read-out allows you to see your steps easily from your waistband. But you can wear it in a pocket instead and still get accurate readings. It estimates calories and distance and has a clock and stopwatch feature. Users noted that it is a little bulky, and you need a safety leash to ensure it doesn't pop off your waistband.
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