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Pedometers and Step Counting

How to walk with a pedometer, step counter, speedometer or GPS gadget. How to choose and set a pedometer. Use pedometer programs and logs to keep track of your walking to motivate you towards your goals.
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Before You Buy a Pedometer
Pedometers come in all shapes and sizes with a big variety of features. Here are things to consider before you buy a pedometer.

Should You Walk 10,000 Steps Per Day?
How did 10,000 steps per day come to be the target number? What research that supports a goal of 10,000 steps per day?

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself With a Pedometer
What ways can you use your pedometer to make yourself walk more? Here are ways you can use the simplest pedometers as well as the high tech activity monitors.

How to Set Your Pedometer
In order to set your pedometer to measure distance, you need to measure your average step length. Here are several methods to set your pedometer.

What's Typical for Average Daily Steps?
Do you take as many steps per day as the average American man or woman? A pedometer researcher finds what is typical for total daily steps.

Most Common Pedometer Problems
Is your pedometer counting too many steps? Too few? Is it dead? Here are cures for common problems.

Step Counters - Pedometer Walking Program
Our free daily email newsletter for pedometer walkers with tips and motivation to increase your steps towards your goals.

How to Sneak More Walking Steps Into Your Day - Walkers' Tips
Readers share their tips on how to sneak in more steps throughout the day.

Calorie and Distance Calculator for Pedometer Walkers
Enter your weight, steps, and steps per mile to calculate distance and calories burned.

Pedometer Step Equivalents for Exercises and Activities
Walking step equivalents for other exercises and activities. How to count various exercises and activities as pedometer steps.

How do I Know How Fast I am Walking?
You can estimate your walking speed with our rules of thumb, or measure it with gadgets and apps.

Walking Speedometers
Gadgets that measure how far and how fast you are walking. The top pick is super, the others have some accuracy problems.

So, How Much Do You Walk Each Day?
When you tell people you walk, you are likely to get this question. Here is my answer.

One Million Steps - How Long and How Far?
If you set a goal of logging one million steps, how long will it take you to get there? How far will you have walked?

Pedometer Walking Programs and Charts
Programs and charts for individuals, clubs, and schools to track their pedometer walking.

Which Are the Most Accurate Pedometers?
Researchers tested several pedometers to determine which were the most accurate for counting workout steps and counting total daily steps.

Top Picks for Computer-Linked Pedometers
Upload your pedometer data to your computer with these computer-linked pedometers.

Top Picks for Pedometers
Reviews and picks for pedometers that include functions such as calculating speed and calories burned, taking your pulse, and acting as a timer. From your About Guide.

How Accurate is Your Fitness Band for Counting Calories?
Does your activity monitor accurately count calories? Researchers tested several and found them to vary in accuracy.

Anaerobic Metabolism test
Definition of anaerobic metabolism.

How Accurate Are Today's Tri-Axial Pedometers?
Does your pocket pedometer accurately count your total steps? A research project found the answer.

Wacky Pedometers
These weird and wacky pedometers and pedometer research studies can make you laugh or just shake your head.

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