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Marathons, Half-Marathons, Ultramarathons, Long Distance Walking

Endurance walkers can learn how to train for, select, and walk a marathon, half-marathon, ultramarathon or long distance walk. We have training schedules and tips as well as reviews and listings of walker-friendly marathons.
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Before You Register for a Marathon
What to consider before choosing a marathon, with lists of the top walking marathons.

Marathon Training for Walkers
Complete tutorial on training to walk the marathon.  From your About Guide.

Half-Marathon Walking Training Course
This free 16-week email newsletter course will guide you through training to walk a half-marathon 13.1 mile walk. Each week you will receive a schedule of training walks and a focus on different aspects of walking a half-marathon.

Marathon Walk Training Course
This free 19-week email newsletter course will coach you through training to walk a marathon (26.2 mile) walking event. Each week you will receive an email newsletter with walking assignments and links to learn more in depth on how to train for a marathon walk.

Worst Marathon Walking Mistakes
It's better to avoid mistakes during the marathon than to learn from making them yourself. Here are the most common mistakes many have suffered by making.

Half-Marathon Training Schedule
A 16-week schedule to take you from walking 4 miles at a time to being able to complete a 13.1 mile half-marathon in great style.

What Finish Time Should I Expect for a Marathon or Half Marathon?
How can you predict your finish time? Here are ways to calculate what it might be.

Book Review - The Complete Guide to Marathon Walking
Dave McGovern's book is an excellent reference for training to walk a marathon and improving your marathon.

Best Walker-Friendly Marathon - Readers' Choice Awards 2012
What is the best walker-friendly marathon? Here are the winner and finalists for the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

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