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Learn how to walk better, faster and longer. Our walking tutorials, email courses, and walking workouts can help you to speed up and build endurance.
  1. How to Start Walking
  2. Walking Techniques
  3. Tutorials and Email Courses
  4. Workouts
  5. Walking Logs and Trackers
  6. Pedometer Walking
  1. Treadmill Walking
  2. Walking Fast and Racewalking
  3. Marathon - Half Marathon - Long Distance Walking
  4. Injuries
  5. What to Eat and Drink for Walking Energy
  6. Walking Partners and Clubs

How to Start Walking

Learn proper walking form, posture, and technique. Learn how to steadily increase your walking time to build your walking habit.

Walking Techniques

Learn the basics of good and bad walking technique.

Tutorials and Email Courses

Learn walking techniques online or by our free email courses.


Vary your walking workouts to improve fitness, speed, and endurance.

Walking Logs and Trackers

Keep track of your walking workouts with online or printed walking logs and trackers, including a Google map pedometer to map and measure any route.

Pedometer Walking

Tracking your walking steps with a pedometer has been shown by research studies to be an excellent motivator for fitness. Find out how to choose and use the best pedometer.

Treadmill Walking

Nothing beats a treadmill for a convenient cardio workout indoors. But to get the most out of your treadmill, you need to use it rather than hang clothes on it.

Walking Fast and Racewalking

You can gain speed with your regular walking technique by using proper foot and arm motion. But if you want to start passing runners at your local run/walk events, learn the Olympic racewalking technique. You can go on to enter judged racewalking events and win medals.

Marathon - Half Marathon - Long Distance Walking

Entering a challenging distance event such as a 13.1 mile half marathon or a 26.2 mile marathon can motivate you to achieve new endurance goals. But you must take your training seriously and dedicate months to steadily increasing your distance and improving your endurance. Walking these long events can be more grueling than running them. You will need to learn proper hydration, energy snacking, and foot care to prevent blisters.


Learn how to prevent and treat the most common walking injuries and problems.

What to Eat and Drink for Walking Energy

You need fuel to keep moving. While many people walk to lose weight, you won't be able to walk as far or as fast if you don't provide your body the fluids and food energy it needs for good performance.

Walking Partners and Clubs

A walking partner can help keep you on track and keep you faithful to your walking workouts. Walking clubs provide companionship and are a great way to meet new walking friends.

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