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How to Walk: Walking Courses, Techniques, and Coaching

Learn how to walk with these online and free email courses on different walking techniques. These include walking off weight, walking for beginners, pedometer walking, racewalking, and training for a marathon or half-marathon walk.
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Let's Get Walking - Beginners Course
Let's get walking! This daily email newsletter course will get you walking. The goal is to be able to walk for 30 minutes or more, 5 or more days per week. Each day you will receive a walking lesson and a walking assignment.

Absolute Beginners - How to Walk
Our tutorial for beginners with the goal to get you walking comfortably for 30 minutes a day. Includes sections on preparation, walking technique, a beginners' walking schedule, and how far and how fast to walk.

Walk of Life - 10 Week Walking and Weight Loss Program
Our free 70-day program coaches you on walking technique, eating right, and walking workouts to help you lose weight.

How to Walk for Weight Loss
Do you want to walk off weight? This tutorial describes how walking burns calories and fat, what speed is appropriate, how long and how often to walk, and methods to track your activity.

Step Counters - Pedometer Walking Program
Our free daily email newsletter for pedometer walkers with tips and motivation to increase your steps towards your goals.

10 Walking Mistakes to Avoid
Avoid these ten most common mistakes walkers make in their walking technique. We show you how and why to avoid these walking mistakes.

Let's Go on a Volksmarch - Walking Volkssport Walking Events
How to enjoy walks hosted by local volkssport walking clubs.

How to Walk Faster
If you want to gain speed and power in your walking, this tutorial shows you the proper walking technique to walk faster, and includes workouts to build speed.

How to Racewalk
Use this step-by-step to learn the basics of racewalking technique from Coach Judy Heller.

How to Walk Downhill
Downhill might seem to be easy, but you should use the right posture and stride to get the most out of downhills.

How to Walk Uphill
What's the best way to tackle the uphill portion of your walk? Here's how to walk uphill.

Definitions of Walking Styles
What is a racewalker vs. a volkswalker vs. a powerwalker.  From your About.com Guide. 

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