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Nike Hatphones

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Updated July 01, 2012

Nike Hatphones iPod Hat

Nike Hatphones iPod Hat

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The Bottom Line

This comfy cap is a great way to listen to your iPod nano. You can slip an iPod nano into the built-in pocket in the cap and plug it into the earphones. Or you can extend the cord to any device worn where you wish. The sound quality is excellent, and you can adjust easily where the earphones are positioned over your ears.
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  • Outer wicking fabric lined with microfleece
  • Pocket for iPod nano, cord port for any device.
  • Earphones over ear area
  • Won't blow off in the wind
  • Hand washable


  • No ponytail hole
  • No bill


  • Soft wicking fabric and microfleece keeps your head and ears warm from 30F - 60F without overheating.
  • Built in earphones with excellent sound quality, can adjust their position.
  • Built in pocket for an iPod nano, or use the extension cord to plug in any device.

Guide Review - Nike Hatphones

I don't do well with earbuds, having tried many designs over the years, so I have settled with headphones. The Nike Hatphones cap is the best solution I've tried for cold weather walking and listening.

The cap itself comes in a couple of varieties. The one I tested was labeled for women and was made of Therma-FIT polyester/spandex outer fabric lined with thin microfleece. It was perfect for a cool day. I have seen other versions in wool knit. The cap fit well, not too tight. But I was wishing for a ponytail hole, and I prefer a cap with a bill to shield my face from the sun and elements.

You can slip an iPod nano into the built-in pocket in the cap, and plug it into the earphones. For some reason, this is labeled as the cordless mode. The iPod nano's selection wheel is accessible through a mesh-covered port, as in all Nike+ clothing and accessories. But you won't be able to view the iPod nano while wearing it in this mode, you will have to go by feel. It was very comfortable to wear the iPod nano in this way.

To wear it in the corded mode, attach the extension cord and plug in any device.

The earphones are encased in their own pockets and are easy to position and reposition in the best spot over your ears. The sound quality is excellent. I was able to get much better sound from the Nike Hatphones than from any of my cheap folding headphones.

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