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Walking Away Back Pain


Updated January 20, 2008

Studies of people with chronic low back pain show that they have gait abnormalities, that when corrected by exercise and shoe inserts (orthotics) reduce their pain significantly. Research has shown that chronic back pain responds as well or better to walking and exercise as to surgery, drugs, or chiropractic manipulation. Many people seek chiropractic manipulation or massage to reduce pain. For those seeking "natural" healing, nothing could be more natural or more self-empowering as learning how to correct your gait and stride to relieve chronic pain.

Sherry Brourman's Clinic

Sherry Brourman teaches her clients how to use walking and exercises to correct their body alignment and reduce pain. Each of us take at least 2500 steps a day. Each step could be a step away from chronic pain in your back, shoulders or neck.

Sherry is available for consultation at her clinic in West Los Angeles, California. The Walk Yourself Well web site lists her upcoming workshops. Those who are too far away can send in a video tape of their walking to get a one-on-one consultation, see the site for details. Read the review of her book, which contains detailed information on gait problems and corrections for the walker.

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is available at many major medical centers, with the focus generally on those with cerebral palsy, stroke, or other major problems. It may be available in your area from physical therapists or sports medicine clinics.

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