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Buying guides and advice in choosing walking clothing, shoes, socks, hats, shirts, pants, sports bras, pedometers, heart rate monitors, backpacks, fanny packs, water bottles, treadmills, and other items walkers use.
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What Not to Wear Walking - Bad Walking Gear
Some fashions really don't work for walking comfortably. Here are the things you shouldn't wear walking.

Money Saving Tips for Fitness Walkers
Tighten your belt two ways -- get fit by walking and save money while doing it. Here are great ways to get the gear and training you need cheaply.

10 Things to Never Walk Without
Get started on the right foot with the essential gear you need to get up to speed for fitness walking.

Walking Products I Don't Recommend
Just because the infomercial targets walkers doesn't mean you should buy these "walking products." These are shoes and gear I don't recommend buying.

Walking Buyer's Guide
What do you need for walking? Our guide to walking shoes, walking clothing, treadmills, pedometers, walking poles, and other gear for walkers.

10 Dorky Things I've Worn Walking
I find myself wearing walking gear and clothing that make me stick out like a sore thumb. But I wear them because they work!

What Not to Wear Walking - Fashion Police Edition
Are you really going to wear that? The Fashion Police help warn you away from bad walking fashions.

Before You Buy Walking Weights
Walking weights and weighted shoes promise to burn more walking calories and tone more muscles. But you risk injury with putting weights on your ankles, feet, and wrists. Here are better ideas for toning and burning more calories while walking

Invest Your Refund in Walking
What a better investment than your health? If you have some extra money to invest, here are ideas on ways to invest them in your walking gear and walking experiences.

Active Gifts for Children
Keep the kids moving with these fun active gifts.

What Are Your Walking Essentials
What is essential that you take along on your fitness walk? What is it that you can't step out the door without when you go walking?

2012 Readers' Choice Awards
Readers nominated and voted for their favorite walking gear and walker-friendly races.

2011 Readers' Choice Award Winners
The 2011 Readers' Choice Awards include winners for shoes, treadmills, and pedometers.

What I Take Walking - Essential Walking Gear
What do you like to take along on your walk? Here are items I take.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards - Walking
Readers nominate and vote for their favorite home treadmill, pedometer, walking shoes, and walks in the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

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