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Enjoy walking workouts, fitness workouts, and stretching routines for walkers to build their strength and endurance. Use calculators, logs, trackers and tools to help fitness walkers with their workouts and walking programs.
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Get in Shape with Walking
How to walking workouts and a balanced exercise program to tone and shape.

How Much Exercise Do You Need? And What Kind?
We all wonder what the right amount of exercise is. The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association updated their recommendations in August, 2007.

Over Age 65: How Much Exercise Do You Need? And What Kind?
Being over age 65 doesn't mean you can or should stop exercising. Here are a the guidelines on how much and what kind of exercise you need, from the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association, August 2007.

Weekly Walking Workouts
Walking workouts to achieve your goals. From your About.com Guide.

Fitness Toolbox
Fitness analysis, workouts, heart rate calculator, pace calculators, track your walks and more.  From your About.com Guide.

Walking Logs and Journals
Keep track of your walks with our free logs and journals. You can print out daily, weekly, or monthly logs. We also have a yearly Excel spreadsheet.

Fitness Calculators
Online calculators for body mass index, ideal weight, heart rate zone, and other fitness indicators. From your About.com Guide.

What's the Best Time of Day to Exercise?
What's he best time of day to exercise? There are pros and cons for exercising morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening. And what is best for consistency may not be best for performance.

What is Vigorous Intensity Exercise?
How hard do you have to exercise for it to be vigorous intensity exercise? What kinds of exercise are vigorous?

What is Moderate Intensity Exercise?
Moderate-intensity exercise such as brisk walking is recommended to reduce health risks and improve fitness. What kinds of exercise are of moderate intensity? What counts?

What Is Muscle Strengthening Exercise or Strength Training?
Strength training is recommended two or more times a week for fitness. What exactly is strength training?

Beyond 10,000 Steps: Adding Moderate Intensity Increases Health Benefits
A research study found that there were fitness benefits in getting in moderate intensity exercise.

Amount of Exercise More Important than Intensity - Keep Walking!
Research shows that walking briskly for 12 miles a week has as much aerobic benefit as exercising at a high heart rate, and longer is better.

Should I Wear a Weight Vest for a Better Walking Workout?
Weight vests are often suggested to help increase calories burned in a walking workout. But are there better ways to burn more calories with your workout?

Did Walking Give Me Big Calves?
No, walking does not bulk up your calves. Don't fear walking, as you can lose extra fat and actually slim and tone your legs.

Will you get Bulky Legs from Walking on an Incline or up Hills?
Walking will give you lean, long leg muscles. If you want bulk, you need to do a different kind of exercise.

When Walking isn't Working
When your fitness walking isn't working to help you lose weight and gain fitness, you must step up the intensity.

From Walking to Running
If you are able to jog or run, adding intervals of jogging can increase the intensity of your walking workouts.

How Far is That? Distance Calculators
How far and how long will it take to walk 5K, 10K, a half marathon, a marathon?  Kilometers to miles and back again, with fast, moderate and easy paces.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Exercise Workout
Do you want to get the most out of your workouts? The American Council on Exercise points out ways to improve your workouts.

How to Breathe When Walking
How to take full, complete breaths for exercise performance and stress relief.

My Exercise Ball Chair
Should you use an exercise ball as a chair?

Strength Training Basics
Walking is not enough. You also need strength training for overall fitness.

Strength Training Principles: Repetitions and Resistance
Strength training principles and guidelines: Resistance and repetitions and progressive resistance

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