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Snow Trax Review

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Updated May 12, 2014

Snow Trax

Snow Trax

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The Bottom Line

Snow Trax are a big improvement on Yaktrax for providing emergency traction to get you across snow or ice. The slip-on design allows you to use them just when you need them, then stow them in your purse, pack or pocket when you get to your destination or clear sidewalks. Just like tire chains, I keep a pair in my car all winter long.

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  • Easily slip on to your regular shoes or boots
  • Provides good whole-foot traction on ice or snow


  • Can slip off.


  • Slips over your regular shoes or boots to provide traction.
  • Steel coils under forefoot grip snow. Ice cleats over the heel provide extra grip.
  • Comes in men's and women's sizes.

Guide Review - Snow Trax Review

I always carry a pair of slip-on snow cleats in my car in winter, since you never know when it may snow or ice up. Snow Trax is an improvement on the company's Yaktrax, as they have ice cleats on the heel as well as the snow-gripping coil on the forefoot. I didn't find the coil alone gripped enough for my taste, whereas the cleats really help.

Be sure to buy the size that will fit on your winter boots or your athletic shoes. The sizes usually are meant to fit casual shoes and I found them far too small even for my lightweight walking shoes of that size. I wear a 9.5 womens athletic shoes and the Men's 8-12 fit well over my hiking shoes I plan to wear for any snow walking. But you also don't want a loose fit, as you can walk right out of these if they don't fit securely. You may want sizes that fit your casual shoes as well, in case of emergency.

The packaging warns you that these are only aids for walking in ice and snow, that actually walking in ice or snow is inherently dangerous. If it is slick outside, I only use these to get around as necessary rather than for ice jogging for fun. I also use trekking poles for added stability. They are not recommended for dry pavement or gravel. They are not bulky, so it is easy to remove them and put them in a plastic bag in your pack, purse, or pocket.

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