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Enjoy walking with others. How to find and join a walking club or walking program. How to find a walking partner or virtual walking buddy. How to connect with other walkers.
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10 Rules for Walking Partners
If you want to keep your walking buddies happy, follow these 10 rules for walking partners.

Finding Walking Partners and Clubs
You don't need to walk alone.  Here is how to find clubs or get a walking partner.  From your About.com Guide.

10 Reasons to Walk Alone
Do you really want a walking partner? Here are the benefits of walking alone.

How to Safely Meet New Walking Friends
If you are looking for new walking friends, it is always good to play things as safe as if you are going on a blind date.

Who Was the Worst Walking Partner You Ever Walked With
Who was the worst walking partner you ever walked with? What made them a bad walking partner?

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