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Top 6 Umbrellas


Updated April 29, 2014

If you carry an umbrella, it won't rain, and if you don't, it will. You want an umbrella that won't collapse or invert in the wind. The grip must be comfortable throughout your walk. Stick umbrellas are harder to carry rolled up but usually have bigger canopies and better grips. Compact umbrellas store well but often have a tiny, uncomfortable grips and small, shallow canopies.

1. ShedRain Windpro Auto Open/Close Umbrella

Shed Rain WindPro Umbrella
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Wind tested to 33 mph, these umbrella resist inversion and breakage due to wind. There are a couple different sizes available with different arc widths and closed lengths. The auto/open close allows you to both open and close the umbrella with a button push.
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2. Swiss Army Victorinox Automatic Open/Close Umbrella

Victorinox Umbrella
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Sorry, it doesn't have a scissors, toothpick, or even a pocket knife. But Victorinox makes high-quality items, and this umbrella is no exception. It's a compact 13 inches until it automatically unfurls in 3 stages. It has a wind-reflex frame to prevent inversion and made with a titanium alloy for strength. The grip is a comfortable TPR-molded handle. It has both open and close with the push of a button.
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3. ShedRain Windjammer Jumbo Umbrella

Shed Rain Jumbo Umbrella
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Big 58" arc to keep you dry, but compacts to 22 inches. Comfortable 3-fingered wood grip with leather strap. The vented cover is designed to resist inversion in the wind.
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4. Gustbuster Metro Style Umbrella

Gustbuster Metro Style Umbrella
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Windproof and waterproof with a 43 inch canopy and a larger handle for comfort.
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5. Totes Isotoner Micro Umbrella

Totes Isotoner Micro Umbrella
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My walking friends say the surest way to prevent rain is to carry along an umbrella. These models are very packable, between 6 and 8 inches long folded. The drawback is the tiny knob when you unfurl them, which can be uncomfortable after any time. That said, these are my favorites as they are easy to stow away or carry easily like a baton once the shower is over.
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6. GRIP2 Umbrella

GRIP2 Umbrella
My biggest deterrent from using an umbrella is controlling it in the wind. The GRIP2 umbrella has a unique design -- a second, adjustable grip so you can put two hands on the umbrella shaft comfortably and keep it under control. You can place the second grip anywhere you wish, so if you want to choke up your grip near the canopy, you can.The debuted with just one large-size umbrella with a 62-inch arc. It's vented and waterproof. As a bonus, it is long enough to double as a walking stick with a comfortable grip if it isn't raining!

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