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Blisters and Chafing - Preventing and Treating

How to prevent and treat blisters and chafing, including products such as lubricants and special pads.
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Before You Get a Blister
Use these tips on how to prepare you feet to prevent blisters and how to treat blisters if they develop.

Blisters Begone - Seven Tips on Blister Prevention
Comprehensive tips on how to prevent walking blisters - getting the right shoe fit, socks, toughening your feet, lubrication, keeping dry, coverings and unusual remedies.

Blister Prevention Tips from Rob Sweetgall
He gets a blister every 500 miles or so, but he walks 30 miles or more a day when walking across the USA. America's premier long distance walker, Robert Sweetgall, shares his blister prevention recipe. His chief philosophy is in keeping the feet dry and breathing and lubricated.

Blister Kits - Top Picks
Take along a blister kit on your walks so you can immediately treat any hot spots or blisters to prevent further damage.

Blister Prevention Lubricants - Top Picks
Lubricate your feet to reduce the friction that creates blisters. My top picks for products to keep your feet intact.

Blister Treatments and Cover-Ups - Top Picks
When you get a hot spot or blister, cover it up to prevent further damage. Today there are several excellent, long lasting bandages and cover-ups that promote healing and prevent more blistering.

How to Prevent Blisters
Six steps to preventing blisters

How to Treat Blisters
Ten steps to draining and healing your blisters.

Fixing Your Feet Book Review
Fixing Your Feet by John Vonhof: book review of this comprehensive guide on preventing and fixing blisters and other foot problems for walkers, hikers, adventure racers, and more.

How Do You Prevent Blisters - Readers Share How They Prevent Blisters
How do you prevent blisters when walking, running hiking? What do you use to prevent blisters?

Engo Blister Prevention Patches
Engo takes a different tack at prevening blisters with friction-reducing patches that go on your shoes rather than on your foot.

HikeGoo is formulated for long walks and hikes, such as a half marathon or marathon, to prevent blisters all day.

SportShield Roll-on
These towlettes with liquid silicone are great to take along and use to help prevent chafing and blisters.

SportShield Roll-on
SportShield roll-on anti-blister lubricant review.

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