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Once-A-Year Walker's Survival Kit: Before, During, and After the Walk


Updated April 30, 2014

Charity Walkers

Charity Walkers

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Before the Walk Checklist

  • Start/finish location
  • Registration/packet pick-up time and start time
  • Where to park or get bus/train
  • Race number if you got it beforehand
  • Extra safety pins for race number
  • Sunscreen applied
  • Give yourself time to get into the porta-john line before the start.
  • If you wish to walk with your pet or a baby stroller, check with the event officials to see if it is allowed.
  • If you collected pledges, thank your donors.

More: Race Day Guide to the Starting Line: What to expect at the starting line for a big walk/run event.

During the Walk

  • Start at a slow and comfortable pace for the first 5-10 minutes. This is easy to do at large events as everyone is moving slow.
  • Speed up to your natural pace but remember this is not a race, be gracious to those you pass.
  • Pass on the left unless you are facing traffic on an open road - in that case you pass on the traffic side.
  • If walking with friends, be aware of those who wish to pass you and don't block the route while walking abreast.
  • Be respectful of property - stay on the path, do not trample on people's lawns and gardens, only use porta-johns and not the bushes.
  • Don't litter - deposit cups, wrappers, etc. only in waste receptacles or carry them with you till you find one.
  • Do not smoke while walking.
  • If you feel a blister coming on, stop and apply a bandage immediately before it grows.
  • Obey event volunteers and treat them kindly.
  • At the finish, take only an appropriate share of the goodies.

You've done it! You made it through a challenging walk, hopefully none worse for the wear. Enjoy your reward - the t-shirt, medal, pin or other item you received. Wear it with pride to work the next day.

More: Race Day Guide to the Finish Line

After the Walk: Your Next Goal

  • Now you know you can walk a distance. Time to plan the next charity walking event you will tackle.
  • Perhaps a bigger challenge would help you get fit and healthy through the training. You can train to walk a marathon for charity - many such programs even pay for your transportation and registration to a great walking marathon in a wonderful locale.
  • Look for walking clubs and groups in your area to join with for their walks.
  • Join the Walk of Life Program with a daily walking and exercise assignment and nutrition and motivation tip.

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