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Are you ready to start walking? Learn how to start walking for fitness, weight loss, recreation or sport. We have lessons, email newsletters, tutorials and basics for new walkers to begin enjoying walks.
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Walking: 30-Day Quick Start Guide for Beginners
Use this program to start walking. It includes a weekly schedule on how long and fast to walk to build your walking time and speed.

Absolute Beginner - How to Walk
Our tutorial for beginners with the goal to get you walking comfortably for 30 minutes a day. Preparation, walking technique, schedule, how far and how fast. From your About Guide

Let's Get Walking - 4-Week Walking Course
Daily email newsletter gives you a walking assignment and walking lesson to take you from zero to walking 30 minutes per day.

Top 10 Reasons to Start Walking
Why should you start walking? Let me count the ways. There are big benefits for health, longevity, physical fitness and mental well-being.

10 Walking Mistakes to Avoid
Get off on the right foot by avoiding these walking mistakes from your shoes to arm motion to your stride. From your About.com Guide.

5K Walk Training Schedule for Beginners
This training schedule will get you to the finish line of a 5K walk.

Build the Walking Habit
It is time to commit yourself to better health, fitness, and a body you love. To make this a reality, we have tools you can use to help you build and keep your walking habit.

What is Physical Inactivity?
Are you sedentary? We discuss the definitions of physical inactivity.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans 2008
How much exercise should you do to get the best health benefits? Be active your way, say the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

How Fast Should I Walk?
What is the right walking speed to reach your fitness goals? Your heart rate is the key.

How Did You Start Walking?
How did you start walking? Who or what got you started walking? Tell us about your first walking experience.

Walk of Life 10-Week Program
Build your walking fitness and weight management lifestyle in 10 weeks. Follow the daily pages to support you with walking assignments, stretches, exercises, diet planners, nutrition tips, goal setting, and fun.

Are 15 Minute Walks Any Good?
Does taking a 15 minute walk help you towards losing weight? Or do you need to walk longer to do any good?

Walking - The Miracle Cure
It's better than a miracle pill - brisk walking can reduce your risks of developing heart disease and cancer.

Once-A-Year Walker's Survival Kit
You have a charity walk coming up, but you rarely walk more than a few blocks at a time. Here is how to make it through a 5K or 10K walk if you are basically a non-walker.

How Far Can a Healthy Person Walk With No Training?
Could you do a 5K walk or a 10K walk if you hadn't done any practice? I weigh in on this from long experience.

What Kind of Walker Are You? Walking Personality Quiz
What kind of walker are you? Take the walking personality quiz to find out what kind of walking you will enjoy the most.

Walking Myths
We bust the myths to get to the truth about walking calories and speed, whether walking shoes are better than running shoes, and the health benefits of walking vs. intense exercise.

Indoor Tracks
Enjoy a walking workout on an indoor track. Indoor tracks may be found at athletic clubs, schools or recreation facilities.

Taking the Stairs
Stairs can be your friend in being more active and burning more calories throughout the day.

Walking the Manly Walk - How to Start Men Walking
Men can enjoy walking although they may want to make it more challenging. Gary Pinkerton shares advice on how to get a man to walk for fitness and sport.

Fitness Calculators
Calculate your blood pressure, measure your heartrate, find your heart rate zone, calculate body fat, body mass index, ideal weight and overall health risks. From your About.com Guide.

Glossary of Walking
What do those walking words mean? A dictionary, glossary, and encyclopedia of walking. From your About Guide.

Defining Walkers - Definitions of Walking Styles
Definitions of different walking styles: racewalkers, powerwalkers, volksmarchers and more.

How I Started Walking
How did Wendy, the Walking Guide at About.com, start walking? Here is her personal story on how she overcame a handicap to become a walker, racewalker, and marathon walker.

How to Find Walking Friends
Don't want to walk alone?  Where and how to find walking companionship.  From your About.com Guide.

How to Walk for Weight Loss
How to burn calories, speed up your metabolism, and use walking for weight management and weight loss. From your About.com Guide.

How to Walk Faster
If you want to walk faster using a regular walking technique, this step-by-step tutorial can help you speed up.

Research Says Beginners Should Avoid Intense Exercise
Researchers at the University of Ulster found that unfit people who take up intensive aerobic exercise can cause cell damage from free radicals.

Mark Fenton's Walking Tips
Mark Fenton of Walking Magazine advises on technique, shoes, weights.  From your About.com Guide.

Going on a Walk
How to get started participating in 10K walking events hosted by the American Volkssport Association. From your About.com Guide.

IVV Walking Worldwide
The International Federation of Popular Sports has thousands of walking clubs and events worldwide.  From your About.com Guide. 

How to Breathe When Walking
Learn how to take a full breath when walking.

The Senior Walker
Walking is a great way to reach and enjoy your senior years.  From your About.com Guide. 

Mall Walking
Mall walking is a great way to keep moving in any weather.

Walking is for Cheapskates - The Costs of Walking
Compared to most other sports and modes of transportation, walking is a real bargain. Here's what walking really saves -- and costs.

Get Moving May - Tips from Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors
How can you get started with a healthy lifestyle? Tips from Dr. Travis Stork.

Worst Walking Annoyances
Things that annoy walkers and solutions to those problems

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