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Romantic Walks

Do you and your sweetie often stroll down Lover's Lane? A nice long walk together can ignite a new romance, keep the flame burning in your relationship, or bring the whole family closer together.
*The fast-paced lives most of us lead leave little time to relax, chat, get out in the fresh air to clear the mind. When building or maintaining relationships, that relaxed time together without the distractions of TV (or dare I say computer!) is essential. A walk is the perfect way to focus complete attention on your companion, be it your sweetie, your child or parent, or a non-romantic friend.
*When I met my husband, I was not a walker, I was recovering from nerve damage to my leg and still considered myself handicapped. We were platonic friends for a couple of years, but one day we went on a lovely hike among the autumn leaves on a trail in the Columbia Gorge and romance blossomed. A year later we went on my first volksmarch (his 31st) and we have been walking together ever since. We walk together around the neighborhood for exercise a couple of times a week, a great way to give each other our full attention.
*Looking for love? I know several walking couples who met on the trail or at a walking convention. In interviews about walking, I always send a message that anyone looking for a healthy, active woman who enjoys the outdoors should come to a volkssport walking event. The number of women walkers exceeds the male walkers so the numbers are with those looking for a female companion. See the for major upcoming walking events.
*What romantic trails can I suggest? In my neck of the woods, the aforementioned Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area has a myriad of trails featuring waterfalls and stunning views. The town of Hood River features several lovely country inns as well as the majestic Columbia Gorge Hotel with its fabulous breakfast and just across the river near Stevenson, Washington is the Skamania Lodge with trails, views, great food and golf, too. On Father's Day weekend of even-numbered year is the Gorge Walk Weekend with several walking events, the perfect getaway with your loved one or the chance to look for love along the trail.
*For a romantic extinct volcano, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon was where my parents honeymooned and the Crater Lake Lodge is newly refurbished. The altitude and the views are breathtaking and the trails are great.
*In Washington, the Salish Lodge in the Snoqualmie Valley is a great romantic spot sitting above a waterfall (Twin Peaks fans will recognize it as the Great Northern Hotel) with easy access great walking and hiking trails and wineries.
*Just a bit further north, Victoria British Columbia offers much to the romantic, with fabulous Butchart Gardens as the ultimate in floral romantic walking. The city has Old World charm and can only be reached by a calming ferry ride from the mainland. If you need a walking event as an excuse, come to the Victoria International Blossom Walk, third weekend of April each year.

Put on your walking shoes, take the hand of a loved one, and follow your heart.

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