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Google Map Pedometers

MapMyWalk Screen CaptureYou can use online mapping tools to draw a walking route and automatically show the distance and incline. Some of these tools can also be paired with a phone app so you can take the routes along with you.

Gmap Pedometer: This free online tool was one of the first to debut. You can join with a free account to save your routes. They have a handy Print button, but no integration with a phone app.

MapMyWalk: I've linked with MapMyFitness since they debuted. They provide an excellent set of online mapping tools and apps. Their app won our 2012 Readers' Choice Award and were a finalist in 2013. They have both free and paid accounts and apps. With membership, you get more features. They have good social media integration and continue to partner with other apps and web sites.

WalkJogRun.net: Create a free online account to map and measure routes. You can search for routes that others have created. They have an iOS app you can use to draw routes, download your saved routes, and map routes with your device's GPS. You can track your pace and calories burned in their online training diary.

How to Use Google Map Pedometers

  • Type in an address or city to start. Or zoom and drag to begin where you wish to begin.
  • Draw your walking route by clicking on the map.
  • Use map view, satellite view, or hybrid view with both streets and satellite photo.
  • See the distance in miles or kilometers.
  • Advanced features may include printing or emailing the route. Membership sites allow you to save your routes. Some pair with an app so you can create and access your routes with your device.

How to Plan a Great Walking Route
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