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Product Review
Walkin' Buddy Pedometer
Guide Rating -
Pros • Small size and lightweight
• Fun colors and see-through case
Safety strap included
Cons • Stride increments .25 feet
• Must use the safety strap
The Bottom Line - A basic pedometer to count your steps, without translating them into distance.

Manufacturer's Site

Product Description
Dimensions 2"x 1.5"x .75" weighs 3/4 oz.
Clips to belt or waistband
Counts from 0-99999 steps

Manufacturer's Site

Guide Review
Step Counting
The Walkin' Buddy from My Life Stepper counts steps. It is so small and lightweight that a child or an adult can wear it all day comfortably. It comes in a transparent case in a variety of colors, and the step count can be read through the case. The case protects the reset button from being accidentally pushed. A safety strap is included.

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