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Book Walk the Four Seasons
"Walk the Four Seasons"
"Walk the Four Seasons"
by Robert Sweetgall
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Keeping a log of your walking and other exercise can help you stick with your active lifestyle. "Walk the Four Seasons" combines a year's worth of weekly log pages with excellent advice on walking and exercise opposite each log page.

The log sheets can be started any week. For each day you can record walking and other activities, where you did them, mileage, time, calories spent, exercise intensity, mood, comments, temperature and weather. Each week you track resting heart rate, body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and HDL. You can also keep a running total for the week and for the year.

Opposite each log page are useful articles and charts on exercise, walking, workouts, motivation. If there were no logs this would still be an excellent book on walking and exercise. The combination makes it an exceptional value.

The author, Robert Sweetgall, has walked across the USA seven times including an 11,208 mile walk that included all 50 states. He presents motivational workshops to get people moving.

"Walk the Four Seasons" is an excellent walking log book and reference book for those who want to maintain an active lifestyle.

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Cover art used with permission of publisher.
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