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Walk of Life Program

10-Week Walking Fitness Program


Updated April 10, 2014


Walk of Life


Wecome to our free walking program to help you:

  • Get fit
  • Lose fat
  • Decrease risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke
  • Live longer and with more vitality

The Day-by-Day Way
Each day of the Walk of Life Program includes a walking assignment, eating strategies, mind and motivation tips, and access to a community of other walkers with whom to share your challenges and successes.

Free and Now
Best of all, you can get started today. Join us in our Walk of Life. It's free, and registration is only required to post messages in the Discussion Forum.

Daily Walk of Life Newsletter
Won't remember to visit the website each day? Subscribe to the daily newsletter and have each day's page e-mailed to you -- a great way to keep on track.

Follow Each Day from its Daily Page
Each day of the program has its own page dedicated to a unique walking assignment, walking tips, motivation strategies, nutrition suggestions, a recipe, and fun links. Come back daily to see what's in store.
Daily Pages

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